A DOUBLE Dose of Buckley (10 & 11)

Due to a lack of proper updates last week (sorry, I was a little busy getting some actual exposure for my website and entertaining/pissing off an entire industry), I felt like I owed the core fans (all 6 of them) a little something… so, this week I give you a DOUBLE Dose of Buckley!

First, my good friend Dalton McGuinty has recently come under fire for not creating the jobs he promised. But isn’t creating a negative radio ad about politicians not keeping their promises a little like creating a negative ad about fast food making you fat? It’s common knowledge!

A Dose of Buckley 10 – Dalton Uncensored

And if politics are not your thing… perhaps dumb bar skanks are! Ever get sick of girls whining about how they “just want to go out to a nightclub without being hit on by guys”? Apparently, young females want to re-purpose nightclubs into a completely un-social place just for them…

A Dose of Buckley 11 – Bar Sluts Uncensored

And of course, you can find all of my material at A Dose of Buckley.

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