Buckley’s Bike Helmet PSA

Safety related Public Service Announcements are usually intended to try and inform people of the danger of something, generally in a nice way, but once in a while I’ll see a good drinking and driving PSA that properly scares the shit out of people (like the one where that cop is talking to someone and a car smashes into him… or those work safety ones where that girl boils her face off). I take the scare-tactic concept one step further with this PSA about bicycle safety. Dark humor? Or just plain dark… you decide.

Buckley’s Bike Helmet PSA

A little trivia for radio nerds: the reason it’s 55 seconds long as opposed to an even minute? So a radio station could add their own tag on it!

Enjoy, and remember to visit my actual site, A Dose of Buckley, for more rants, radio parody and dark comedy.


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