A Dose of Buckley 19 – Minimum Wage

Some websites do lame things for April Fools, things that have been done a million times over… instead, I thought since April Fools is supposed to be about comedy and things that are ACTUALLY funny, that I would put together an OVERDOSE OF BUCKLEY… 3 updates in 3 days, 3 times the dark angry humour you’ve come to enjoy every week at my site.

First up: Ontario increased the minimum wage this week to $10.25. Most people are probably pretty happy about that right? Well, not restaurant owners! They feel this is going to hurt their business, because they’re cheap pricks who are upset that having to pay someone an extra 75 cents an hour is going to cause them to have to wait an extra week to buy that new BMW.

A Dose of Buckley 19 – Minimum Wage Uncensored (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN – 2 minutes, 44 seconds)

Listen to the censored version for little sissys, or catch up with the rest of my body of work, at my website: A Dose of Buckley

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