A Dose of Buckley 22 – Baja and Celebs

Alright, so last weekend a bunch of celebrities twittered their reaction to the Earthquake in Baja California. Now, incase you weren’t aware, actors, actresses, and celebrities who just sort of became celebs without any real accomplishments, are completely useless and no more intelligent than most people, which is to say, not very intelligent at all. But since they feel they’re important, they like to comment on everything that’s happening, whether they have anything smart to say about it or not. And guess what: they don’t. Absolute idiocy is what this week’s Dose of Buckley is about. Have a listen to what some famous folks had to say about the quake that killed 2 and injured 100.

A Dose of Buckley 22 – Baja and Celebs Uncensored (CLICK TO LISTEN – 2 minutes, 19 seconds)

More of this kind of stuff at my website, A Dose of Buckley

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