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A Dose of Buckley 27 – Count Chocula

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You know what’s bothering me? I can’t find any Count Chocula around here! And who’s to blame? Nope, not the government, though I suspect they had a hand in it… instead, I’m pointing the finger at negligent parents who have let their kids get so fat (and stupid, but that’s another rant for another day) that the government had to step in and cut out chocolate as part of a balanced breakfast. It’s just one more thing fat kids have ruined for me (I’m still angry about them abusing the free popcorn at Jumbo video back when there was more than one left in existence, causing some of them to stop offering it).

A Dose of Buckley 27 – Count Chocula Uncensored (CLICK TO LISTEN, 2 minutes, 48 seconds)

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