A Dose of Buckley 35 – Ashley Anne Kirilow

So, perhaps you’ve heard the name “Ashley Anne Kirilow” by now. She’s the young lady who decided to take advantage of the last few remaining humans who aren’t completely cynical (those of us who’ve been converted for a long time now call you “suckers”), and faked a terminal illness for her own profit. Now, this is the part of the ever-predictable Buckley rant formula where I post the audio link where I call this woman several bad words that would make a drunken sailor say “wow, that’s a little overboard”, but instead this week… I decide to play devil’s advocate, and ask the question “who are you to judge?”

A Dose of Buckley 35 – Ashley Anne Kirilow Uncensored (CLICK HERE – 2 minutes, 48 seconds)

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