A Dose of Buckley 41 – Slander (Tim Best)

Alright, so people who live in London, Ontario (which is pretty much the bulk of my audience, all 3 of my listeners live in London or had lived here at one time, though I believe Chinese bots download my work from my website and it eventually ends up playing on a loop in sweatshops) know the Tim Best story. Tim Best, husband of former mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, was charged and ultimately found guilty of a few crimes recently, among them, drunk driving. This makes for a perfect example of how to say things about a person without getting in any sort of legal trouble for it, which could come in handy if you’re an aspiring broadcaster or simply someone who likes to trash talk people for the fun of it (like me). Professor Buckley presents: How not to get charged with slander (or its boring cousin, libel).

A Dose of Buckley 41 – Slander Uncensored (CLICK TO LISTEN – 5 minutes, 55 seconds)

One Response to “A Dose of Buckley 41 – Slander (Tim Best)”

  1. Chris Buckley Says:

    I’ve just been introduced to your web page, and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your candor and straight talk. Plus it’s funny…… but mostly TRUE.

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