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Musical Autopsy: Bruno Mars – Grenade

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The third in my musical autopsy series, Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” goes under the scalpel for a thorough lyrical review… or at least as thorough as can be before I fall asleep out of boredom…

Advice No One Asked For – Number Seven

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A favourite segment of mine returns to A Dose of Buckley this week, it’s “Advice No One Asked For”! Really not sure why I stopped doing these… I always enjoy helping people, especially those that don’t want to be helped by me!

This time around, I help a guy who’s suffering from a case of mistaken sexuality. How can he overcome the fact that women think he’s gay? Click the video below and find out!

A Dose of Buckley 42 – Grammys 2011

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I really don’t understand who the Grammys are supposed to appeal to. I mean, the show itself is clearly aimed towards fans of pop music, with a few performances thrown in for mom and dad just in case they have to share the TV when the show is on… but when it comes to the awards themselves, what is it they’re trying to achieve? Are they giving awards to pop stars, or to indie groups or people generally closer to being considered true “artists” than the standard Billboard chart toppers? I don’t believe it can be both. Watch the video below for more.

Where’s Fresh FM’s Mindy?

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My “blog”(ugh) has been getting a lot of extra attention lately for two reasons: one, the post about the Super Bowl and why establishments can’t say they’re holding a “Super Bowl” party, and two, because people are trying to find out what happened to Fresh FM’s morning show host, and local radio veteran of over 20 years, Mindy Williamson, who is mentioned in my critique of a former weekend host which I’ve since removed from my blog.

Anyway, WordPress blog owners can see what people are searching, and because I mentioned Mindy in a post, they’re being directed to me. So, since it’s kind of like people are asking me, I guess I’ll tell them: Mindy was let go (canned, fired, relieved of her duties, however you like to say it). Simple as that.

The London Free Press reported the news the first day she was off air, explaining that Corus (the parent company of Fresh FM) wanted to “go in a different direction”. This is somewhat understandable, Mindy has been in the business for over 20 years, which would estimate her age as a little out of the demographic that Fresh FM is trying to reach (17 – 35 year old females if I’m not mistaken). And this isn’t ass-kissing, but you wouldn’t know she was older than that, people that know Mindy well know that she is still a cool party chick who could probably outlast anyone in her demographic on any night of the week, but this is the entertainment business and if this was MTV, she would have been let go for being too old at 25 (note: that’s not me saying that they let go of Mindy because of her age, that would be libel if it’s untrue and would also be illegal for a company to do, I’ve got enough friends at Corus without needing to become acquainted with their legal team, I’m sure the reason was something else entirely).

I had the pleasure of being taught by Mindy during my years as a broadcast student (something she might deny if anyone asked, I haven’t made a ton of friends in the business since then for comments like the one I made in the first paragraph), and I’ll tell you that she’s doing just fine. I have a theory about where she may end up next based on some inside knowledge I gained over the last week or so but I’ll keep that to myself for now (a hint: she may not be done here in London and could possibly join a former friend somewhere else, it’s just a theory for now though).

So, that’s what happened to Mindy from Fresh. It should make Mindy happy to know that she has a lot of fans who wonder what happened to her, clearly people that were invested enough in her work to want to find out what happened to her and would probably listen to her on another station here in London (which, if my theory is correct, could be sooner than later).

Update – February 20, 2011: It would appear my theory was incorrect. These things happen…

Update – October 27, 2011: After a short guest hosting stint with Ken Eastwood, 102.3 BOB FM has decided to make Mindy a permanent fixture on the station. Fans of Mindy will be able to catch her in the same timeslot they used to enjoy her in, and not have to hear any Kesha. It’s a win-win! 🙂