A Dose of Buckley 47 – Federal Election 2011

For the 5th time in 11 years, Canada is going back to the polls for a Federal Election. If this seems a little excessive to you, it’s because it is. This week: A little primer on Canadian Politics, courtesy of your favourite vulgar professor, Buckley.

One Response to “A Dose of Buckley 47 – Federal Election 2011”

  1. Man, I knew I shouldn’t have watched this. Oh sure, I laughed and you made some valid points, but this is the FIRST election I am glad is happening. Yes 99.9% of politicians are liars, deceivers and masters at spin. But Harper HAS to go. I’d rather have our screwed up system than super prisons for “unreported crimes” (maybe dissing the political system will become one) at a cost of $9 billion and a bunch of fighter jets (to support “our friends”) at a cost of about $14 billion of something (the price keeps changing and is a part of why Harper was found in contempt of Parliament). There’s a shitload of reasons against Harper.

    I’d rather see what Jack turns out like as PM than a dictator like Harper. As far as Iggy and the Libs go? I don’t know, I am feeling nothing from him/them.

    If there was a “none of the above” section on the ballot, we would be having an election every year.

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