The Ten Worst Songs of 2011: What NOT to Expect

Alright, so my Ten Worst Songs of 2011 video will be posted probably within the next 14 days. And once it’s up, I expect to hear a lot of “Why isn’t ____________ on it!?”. Well, I can’t please everyone, but keep in mind why I feel my opinion on this subject matters: I work with music every day. I’m not someone who THINKS they’re an expert when it comes to mainstream music… I AM an expert when it comes to mainstream music. It’s my full time job. The songs I’ve put on the list are songs I’ve heard dozens, well over a hundred times, it’s not just some song I heard and said “that’s annoying, it’s going on the list”. That said, sorry if your least favourite song doesn’t make the video, but I think you’ll be happy with the end result. In the meantime, here’s a preview of what NOT to expect:


I’ve already stated this once in video form, and countless times in comments… I do not recognize Rebecca Black as a legitimate artist. She is an internet sensation, and to add her opens the floodgates. The Ten Worst Songs of every year moving forward would just be a bunch of shitty viral videos… some little girl with rich parents who paid to make a shitty video, some guy who can’t rap but thinks he can, a dipshit screamo band, etc… that’s useless, there’s nothing funny or enjoyable about that video. My video should be titled “The Ten Worst Songs of 2011 Performed by Artists Who Actually Have Charted On Billboard And Have Record Contracts” but that title is too long. So, no viral Internet sensations will make the list.



In a “Musical Autopsy” video I made about LMFAO, I said that LMFAO can’t be held to the same standards as other artists, because they’re not meant to be heard on the radio, they’re not top 40 artists, they’re club artists. If I include LMFAO, I should include every other club artist, which means that “We No Speak Americano” song by Yolanda Be Cool should make a list, because it’s pretty dumb, “Barbra Streisand” by Duck Sauce should make the list… and again, the list just becomes a list of stupid club songs. If you want to hear me make fun of LMFAO, go watch that video linked above, but they won’t make the list.



I’ve been pretty careful not to show my hand this year. Though I did Musical Autopsies this year of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” and Bruno Mars’ “Grenade“, and I do consider them to be awful songs, they didn’t make the Ten Worst of the Year. Consider them somewhere in the top 20.


Lady Gaga is too generic for me to add to these lists (which sounds funny because she’s fucking weird and not really generic at all in terms of her personality or style). Maybe eventually she’ll make a list, she’s got the potential when she breaks out nonsense lyrics like she did in “Just Dance” (which probably WOULD have made a list of mine had I done one in 2008) or the start of “Bad Romance”, but to be honest, she doesn’t spark any real emotion in me either way, positive or negative.


The “your a raciss!” crowd complained that last year’s list was all rap (it wasn’t) and all black artists (it wasn’t). This year’s list gets a little more diverse actually, and includes a “rock” song (more of a pop rock song but it’s a band that plays actual instruments, in fact two “bands” appear on the list this year). It also includes country, pop, and yes… hip hop and rap. That’s what’s popular these days. If rock music was more popular, there would be a much better chance of more rock appearing on these lists, but it’s not. I think Coldplay sucks… that make you happy? And if I put a Nickelback song on the list, I’d just get accused of being lazy since it’s just too hip to hate Nickelback (and they’re another band who really just sparks no emotion in me either way, which is actually the worst thing you can do as an artist… you want people to love you or hate you. If people are just apathetic towards you, that’s the worst).

I think it’s safe to assume the video will be up no later than the 19th. In the meantime, go back and watch last year’s video again, or enjoy the last two years of my material at my YouTube Channel and my Website (the latter includes a lot more of my early work, and mp3s you can download so you can take my voice with you on road trips, bus rides, or to the gym… might be weird to work out to me ranting but who knows, it might be motivating?).

77 Responses to “The Ten Worst Songs of 2011: What NOT to Expect”

  1. hey man!!! can’t wait to see the new list!!! I still watch the 2010 and still laugh my ass off!!!!! you rock!!! never forget it!!!!

  2. 2010 was pretty funny.
    btw: if you don’t want people to call you racist maybe you shouldn’t start off with “this might be racist, but whatever”. First rap music does not equal black people. white rappers pull this nonsense too. second, you kind of sound like you are dismissing all claims of racism by not even taking seriously the accusation – which for someone who works in the music business you kind of have to be blind not to recognize racism.
    anyway, what bothers me most about rap and pop music is the absurd levels of narcissism coupled with amazing fragile egos.

    • Actually, I believe I said “I’m sure I’ll get called a racist for this, but, whatever…”, me being dismissive of it for two reasons: 1) I figured that if I point it out, it shows I’m fully aware that I’m a (at the time) 29 year old white guy commenting about music that I’m not in the demographic of anyway, which makes it even funnier to those in on the joke, and 2) because I didn’t think that any logical human being would actually believe I’m racist by explaining facts and using proof to back it up (the example you’re using refers to my comment when I said that [paraphrased] “black artists get angry when other artists do something similar to them, meanwhile white artists just see it as an homage and really don’t care”.

      Most narcissistic people have amazingly fragile egos. Working in the radio business and knowing other radio personalities, I know this all too well. Most radio personalities believe themselves to be these amazingly irreplaceable talents. But there’s stages they go through once they are fired… “well fuck you, my fans will rally behind me and bring me back, you’ll see!” then “see?! look at them rally!” then, a week or two later when the listeners are used to the replacement, the “fuck my fans, they didn’t work hard enough… fuck them, I’ll get a job somewhere else in the city and crush that station!”, then when that doesn’t happen (because why would a city hire a person who just got fired, they probably got fired because their ratings were low, or their ego was out of control and they felt they could do whatever they wanted on air), they become severely depressed and realize they’re just a regular human being, which they were all along, but to them this is incredibly damaging. The same rules can be applied to different scenarios/situations for pop artists.

      Anyway, glad you enjoyed 2010, and we’re only days away from the 2011 video!

      • I like Foreign Music! Says:

        I’ve never really liked english music, i’m more into Japanese nonsense music, the ‘shit’ that people compare to the REAL pop shit. You listed all the songs I personally hate. I love Vocaloid, and don’t laugh. Vocaloid is awesome, even though it’s ‘Ching, chong’ asain music. You should check it out… Personally I favor My Crush was a Monster Boy. (Ignore the weird title) I really don’t favor pop, er… anything related to it… PonPonPon… Every heard of it? It seems really stupid and shitty, but it’s better than the shit we listen to now. Seriously… Taylor Swift… Katy Perry…. So stupid and pointless…. I kinda have a thing for Korean music, like Wonder Girls and Girls Generation… But most people list it as “Ching, chong’, I’t gets me angry, but people these these days are stupid… I totally agree with you on the list. Please check out Vocaloid… Or Korean Music…. Blah, blah. Ignore my ranting… Please enjoy your lists…

  3. People seriously accused you of racism because your list had some black rap artists in it? Jesus, talk about stupidity; do black people *want* us to be racist? It feels like even the most insincere comment with the slightest reference to a person’s skin colour is seen as racist…

    Surely calling other black people ‘niggas’ and depicting all women as ‘hoes’ in your songs is more offensive than being included in a derisive top 10 list, eh rappers?

  4. I really enjoy your videos! I was wondering what mainstream atrists/bands would make a top 5 of your favorite?

    • I think I might just be so jaded by music anymore that I can’t even list favourites, everything that’s not incredibly awful just falls under the category of “if it comes on in the car I won’t change the station”. That said though, I enjoyed “5 O’Clock”, mostly because anything Lily Allen touches is gold… I liked a few songs from Martin Solveig’s “Smash” album, and though it didn’t chart at all I liked a number of songs off of the new Ludacris mix tape, hoping that same fun and energy will carry over to his new album and we won’t have to suffer through more “My Chick Bad” type songs. I also enjoyed Benny Benassi/Gary Go’s “Cinema”, and I don’t think there’s anything bad I could say about anything I’ve heard so far from Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “Watch the Throne”.

  5. Kai Bruno Woods Says:

    Could you rant about Coldplay? I really like Coldplay, or at least liked them before they went Pop-shit, chart-friendly, and ran out of ideas for songs, so just pulled some of their old shit out and, I dunno, played it backwards and wrote from that. But I think it would be interesting to hear your opinion on the matter. You can’t just say “I think Coldplay sucks…” and leave it there. it’s a rant waiting to happen.
    A lot of people agree with you. But nobody I’ve spoken to can give me any valid reason as to why Coldplay sucks, other than “Their lyrics are faggy and gay… and homosexual.” or “Asshole is married to Gweneth Paltrow and he named his child after a common fruit. Enough said?” No. Not enough said. I don’t like Chris Martin much either, and if the self-righteous dipshit wants to name his child Apple, or Apel or whatever, let him.
    Personally, I wish I could toss a sharp rock at anyone who calls anything “faggy” or “gay”. I don’t get how music can be homosexual. Unless it’s Mika. And he IS gay, so that’s why. But the truth is, as much as some half-wits don’t like it, some music has a little more appliance of emotion than others, and even the way I put that is going to sound gay, but only because I’ve been raised to hear the sad violin play when someone says something that isn’t stupid. Like the moment in Mean Girls where the girl starts crying “I wish I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and we could all eat it and be happy.”
    Yeah, so Coldplay use that extra bit of emotion in their songs. And people slag it for being gay? Look, people have got to stop saying that. 1) it offends gay people. 2) it makes absolutely no sense.
    So yeah, would you consider doing a rant? I just want to hear why they suck, I won’t argue as long as you give a reason. Just please, PLEASE, don’t call the music homo. Music CANT. BE. GAY. Chris Martin, sure. But please help restore my faith in humanity. Thank you 🙂

    • Kai Bruno Woods Says:

      And also, what music do you like?

    • Coldplay sucks and is gay because most of the ppl, Bandwagoners so to say, are gay. Who sings along to Coldplay’s songs? gay ppl and girls. With a voice like Chris’, he should be singing other lyrics and tones. You dont hear anyone saying Zeppelin is gay. Coldplay is more along the lines of Trend Music like Facebook. Real music hits you deep.

      • As said in Kai Bruno Woods said, music simply cannot be “gay.” It’s not my opinion, it’s a fact. It doesn’t make sense, and you’re also using the word incorrectly.
        I know so many straight men who like Coldplay it’s ridiculous. Your argument in that part is invalid.

        From reading your comment, you don’t actually KNOW any of his songs. He writes his heart and soul into them. A couple I can back that up with are:
        -Fix You
        -The Scientist
        -Christmas Lights
        -Don’t Let It Break Your Heart
        There are so many more. Now take a look at their lyrics and prove to me there are homosexual lyrics, prove he just takes random words/phrases, and stick them with a random beat.

      • I’m not gay and I like Coldplay, using the word gay in a homophobic manner just proves you are a fucking retard, and why do you hate them, because their music is soft and mellow? I respect you’re opinion but no need to be a homophone.

      • alex jeremy Says:

        You’re talking about the mainstream songs. no one EVER tried to go to their early albums, early songs. i mean WHY DO YOU GUYS JUST HATE THEM? yeah, i’m not a huge fan of paradise or princess of china either, but look back at their albums! and not those popular songs, but the ones that were underrated, the ones no one raelly know about except for diehard fans. i mean, come on, you just blindly follow whatever society hates. and no, a LOT of straight guys love coldplay, which makes you completely wrong. it’s a matter of taste, so if you like skrillex (for example) how would you like it if i said that his music sounds like dying cat + your mom’s filthy vibrator at full power and 15 guns shooting at the holocaust victims about to die. you wouldn’t like it would you? and i bet the “your mom’s” part got you butthurt a little. dont try to offend others unless the music really is shitty and it’s clear that no one puts anything into it, and just making money out of songs. chris didn’t write songs just to make money, and that’ why i enjoy it.
        i am now waiting for an offensive storm of butthurted comments to fall on me…

    • jack wilman Says:

      how can chris martin be gay if he’s married to a woman?
      or maybe it’s just people hating on him because gwyneth is hot or im not getting something??

  6. Have just discovered this list. I wish the world was made up of people like you because then we wouldn’t have this shit music, but I’m proud to say I only knew one song on that list; I gave up on the modern music industry at about age twelve and now listen exclusively to my parents’ music. I would be interested in seeing your list of songs you did like, though.

  7. I agree with 100% of the songs you put on for 2011’s worst. Just a few more months and we can see 2012’s, which should be top 20( top 10 is to small), because every other song that came out has a chance of hitting this list.

  8. elizabeth Says:

    I HATE YOU!!! YOU SUCK… Just Kidding! I find your videos to be amazingly honest and intellectual, while still being funny and witty at the same time. Thank you for being just like me except older and canadian. (I am black and fifteen). Enjoy life.

  9. I apologise but I honestly did not like your list, there are way worse charted songs than the ones you listed, much much worse… And to be fair, there have been many Queens in The UK so excluding them as leaders is unfair to the percentage since they are part of history, I know what you’re thinking, ‘Obviously that person is a fucking girl!’ not true but I just thought it wasn’t fair. Both ways they are not going to win the percentage but it should at least be accurate. Again I apologise if I’m being rude.

    • tracierenee Says:

      seriously? If you pay attention he said not to count CANADA’S Queen not all queens… at least be factual in your complaints of the video if you insist on making your complaint known

    • The many Queens are not leaders. In fact, they do very little leading at all now a days. They have been more like “public figures.” Just how the Pope is now a “public figure” and not a terrifying man that tortures people who go against the Christian beliefs.

  10. Even when I heard a song that I liked, after hearing your reasons for why it made this list I laughed and said to myself “Ha, gotta point there.” Some people take things to the extreme and act like if you put what they consider a good song on this list your suggesting anyone who does like it is stupid. Ridiculous.

  11. You think Coldplay sucks? Fuck you

  12. You are so fucking right and when you posted nicky minaj on your video i just: THANK U! THANK U! FINNALY SOMEONE WHO GETS IT!!!
    And somehow super bass is one her must famous song!!?? what da hell!!

  13. ooh… and by da way lets not just forget about taylor swift!!!
    People, she’s god with making and creating songs but it’s allways the same theme.
    i find music to be something to make me happy when i ‘m not, to be friend with another person by sharing that hapiness and felling with someone else but when i hear a song she made, i just feel down, and sad, and u know what? i thing that with adele is same SHIT!
    But at least she’s god at making great music! like ‘rolling in the deep’ it’s a song about her broken heart, yes, it is, but at least it’s a great song because of da beat and her overcoming her sadness.

  14. Anything not rock/metal sucks dick.

  15. Seems like you hate every song or artist on the planet.

  16. You really seem to be bitching a lot. There was some great albums out in 2011, Bon Iver, Watch the Throne, Goblin, Foo Fighters, new Radiohead, El Camino by the Black Keys. Lots of great stuff out there, stop listening to the radio

    • You’re missing the point of the video.

    • Since when was Bon Iver considered music?
      Everything you listed except for Watch the Throne is exactly what these videos are talking about. Repetitive crap.

    • I suggest watching the 2010 video and finding out what his job is. Hint: it has to do with listening to the radio.

    • *insert Jacki Chan “What the…” meme here*

      If you haven’t noticed, this is a personal list regarding the top 10 WORST songs of the year; the theme isn’t covering what IS good in music about the year or anything else, and it’s hard to not be anything other than critical about the worst songs.

      Also, did you even READ the blog or listen to every word on his video? It’s his JOB. His life IS music. He listens to it ALL (and unfortunately for him with some songs) REPEATEDLY, good and bad alike. I can understand why he doesn’t reply to a lot of the comments on this (or any) thread; I can see him just shaking his head and walking away…

  17. Ahmed Turab Says:

    I do really like your videos, I find the honest criticisms you provide amusing and entertaining. and I wish you success.
    Maybe make a video about the worst movies of 2012 for instance or stuff like that, bests and worsts lists, people do tend to read them a lot, peace out.

  18. All of your points are very valid and well thought out. Even your casual insults about the artists or songs have more weight to them than most people’s arguments in the opposite direction.
    Keep up the good blogging and videos!

  19. Looking forward to your list for 2012 already. Keep posting on youtube, I’ll keep listening, and dragging my friends to the page as well.

  20. why dont you tell us about the good songs then…!!seriously stop bitchin’s annoying..!!

    • It is called ” The Ten Worst Song of _____” for a reason. It is criticism. If you don’t want to hear about it then don’t listen to the videos or read the blog. Please, learn some common sense before you start complaining someone is “bitchin”.

  21. Sara, who the fuck taught you english? I get the feeling they weren’t very GOOD at it.

  22. Henry Hill Says:

    new coldplay sucks but Coldplay before Viva la Vida… Brilliant!

  23. James neff Says:

    I totally agree with your opinions of music I listen to five finger death punch Metallica etc. I’m really into all the thrash metal. I listen to some raps songs but its mostly a bunch if bullshit about money,cars,hoes.

  24. I was worried, because I saw this on the side of a Mumford and Sons video. I was hoping that it wasn’t. I’m glad it wasn’t.

  25. U suck if there’s anyone I don’t like its some old douche who doesn’t like whatever music’s actually good because they can’t keep up with the dance moves
    Katy perry-not good, not suckish
    Flo rida- god DAMN ur old
    LMFAO- excuse me?
    U can just get the fuck off the Internet

  26. You just made my night dude ! Awesome

  27. Karkat Vantas Says:

    Look, I admit, some songs you list are fucked up and all, (for example, Ass.) but there are a lot of songs that are really good and you’re comments on it just make you seem like a huge douche bag. I don’t mean to say haterish (Don’t reply saying ‘learn how to fucking spell’ or some bullshit like that because I know its not a real word, I made it up to describe a feeling, get over it.) But if you really want to have some fucked up, worse bullshittery (again, I know its not a word, but it is a Canadian/ Newfie saying) song of a year, throw some god damn Justin Fucking Bieber into a song, I mean, I loved most of the songs you hate on, and so do 100% of the people in my area ( thats eight different towns.) If you’re so annoyed with people making “stupid songs” why don’t you sit your ass down and try to write a song that lots of people will like that doesn’t repeat one sentence at least two times in a song?
    Yeah, Let me know when you have the brains to do it. 🙂

    • Jack Frost Says:

      Please realize that he does not have to be a musician to tell people that he thinks a song sucks. Also, do not include comments like “and so do 100% of the people in my area (that’s eight different towns).” It destroys any valid point you try to make when you obviously lie like that.

      Furthermore, a song doesn’t have to have Justin Bieber in it to be considered bad. Sure it helps, but if that were all it took, then we wouldn’t have shit like Nicki Minaj floating around in cyberspace.

      Plus, I do believe that when he complains about a song being repetitive, he means when they use the same line somewhere in the vicinity of 10 or more times (Ex: Stupid Hoe, Ass, etc.). If he were to write a song it would still need to have some sort of structure to it where eventually a line will be repeated for the sake of order (unless he decided to “Pink Floyd” the track). An example of song structure, in case you don’t know, is:

      A =Verse 1; B =Chorus; C =Verse 2; D =Bridge/Solo


      FYI: This is a popular format in many rock songs.

      So please, before you go making accusations, exaggerations, and challenges, know something about what you are talking about so you don’t look like an idiot.

    • Go look up Between the Buried and Me song “White Walls”. Good lyrics aren’t hard to write. Shit the whole colors album was brilliant. Oh and there’s more, they actually play instruments. I doubt rappers could play a snare drum. I’ll even give you step by step instructions. 1) Relate to your audience. 2) Proper English helps so you don’t sound like a tool. 3) Have some song format that doesn’t involve repeating the same word(s) to the point at which it becomes a nuisance. 4) Have an original sound (depending on genre you may or may not have instruments) 5) Be clear but not blatantly obvious. Can’t sing “I want to fuck you, please let me try anal”. (obviously the lyrics are juvanille, but they work for the sake of the example) 6) Rhyming isn’t necessary but if it is attempted, have a vocab of more than 50 words. Also don’t force or rhyme words with themselves. There you go, you now know how to write a decent song. A 3rd grader can accomplish this yet grown adults prance around talking about “Sex, money, drugs, and bitches”?

  28. You hate everything that is different. Don’t be such an asshole and look up.

    • I really had no idea that if you didn’t like what EVERYONE else did, you were an asshole.
      Open your eyes, kid, this is the internet, and people are going to share their opinions. Also, everyone is diffrent. They’re going to like and dislike things that are different from your likes and dislikes.

  29. I am pretty sure that 2012 will top this list, infact do a top 100 as there seems to be so many bad songs today, I give up on mainstream music, I do get critisized about not listening to Katy Perry or Justin Bieber, but I dont car what people think of me, I personally like older songs like more than 10 years old. Anyway Buckley, thanks for the list. I agree 90% on the list, If Look at me now was on the list, im sure I would have given it a 100% rating, anyway Buckley, keep up the excelent work. Thank you.

  30. LOVE THIS!!!!!….I did one myself but yours is KILLER

    and this is 2/2/2012 so it was early but she won!

    I say this DAILY about rap/ hip hop & pop music as how can EVERY rap song be the exact drum and clapping and still sell?

    and every Rihanna or Gaga song have the same “um tis um tis um tis” beat with the getting faster drum to a crescendo club beat.

    when did club music become tolerable when not on X?

    anyway THANKS AGAIN

  31. Lets Eat Grenades is a band,but there genres are so far out its hard to tell if he is really good or bad,some people love em and some people dont id love ur opinion though

  32. Can I get your opinion on Eminem? Also, try making top 5 worst songs of the week or month. Thanks and keep your videos coming.

  33. Anonymous Bad A** Says:

    Hey, I’m a huge fan of you’re videos, but I have a few problems with your rantings.
    1. Nickelback is the best band I have ever listened to. (and yes, I’m a guy, so you might think I’m gay, but you can just shut up)
    2. Good Feeling wasn’t too bad of a song, although I could never telol if the person in the background is a guy or a girl, but it’s annoying either way.
    3. Justin Bieber should’ve been on top of the list on 2010, but whatever.

  34. I found it amusing that you can say you’re an expert on mainstream music because it’s your job. You may be around it all day, you may get paid well to listen to music, but when it comes down to it, you don’t know what anyone was thinking when they wrote a song. Don’t get me wrong, when someone writes a song called “Ass”, you know it’s going to be bad and/ or annoying, but it’s their form of…art, if you will. Like abstract art, if that makes any sense. Everyone sees it a little differently. Basically, if analyzing music is your job, then your job is based purely on opinion. It’s not possible to be an expert on opinion.

    • Thanks for inadvertently reinforcing Buckley’s point which is, if you want to entertain rock admirers then write rock songs, if you want to entertain dance admirers, then write dance songs, and if you want to entertain idiots, then write songs for idiots.

      • kittykat says Says:

        And as long as idiots like annoying, over-repeating, badly written, over used, etcetera songs my hopes for humanity remain very low. it’s all starting to sound like nails on a chalkboard to me. And I’m an idiotic hypocrite because I like some of them.

  35. Niggers smell like shit Says:

    I look forward to all of your music hating videos.

  36. Care to share a song that you have made, so we can see if you have any talent, or shall you just make negative comments for attention?

  37. Why do you think coldplay sucks? Just wondering.

  38. Hay Buckley do you know if I can download any of your rants as an audio file, I’m a big fan, and would like too listen to some funny shit on the go.

  39. Dwyane Wade III Says:

    Do you think anything bad about 1990’s rappers.

  40. Do a 2013 ten top worst song if u did one already I can’t find it

  41. I fully agree with all the worst songs. Pop is a load of junk and REAL music has died. When was the last time I heard Chuck Berry or The Rolling Stones on the radio. Need I remind all pop artists that they were influenced by bands like Rolling Stones and the Beatles. Dang. Must not have had that great of an influence because we get this crap on the radio. I didn’t even know that florida sung good feeling and I didn’t know that half the songs the “artist” that sang the songs that were popular.

    Thank you Buckley, you have enlightened me.

  42. Sorry about the comment above, and the countless spelling and grammar errors made in that comment, and that some of the sentences don’t make sense. Here is what I meant to say:

    Buckley, you are “Jedi-wise” when it comes to Worst Songs. I agree that most pop/rap/pop rock, if you can call it rock, is complete crap.

    Music is officially dead. I wish that I could turn on the radio to a popular station, and hear the Rolling Stones “Satisfaction”, or Chuck Berry “Johnny B. Goode”. Music is dead. And, furthermore, Pop was influenced by the music of, well, actual music.

    And, also, pop is influenced by Rock and Roll and REAL music. Well, it must not have had *that* great an influence on modern music. I hope that people can listen to the Beatles, Elvis, Sinatra, and the Stones, without calling it sh*t. Don’t teens know that this is what their favorite artists listened to. No. They don’t know. They are bone-headed dolts who keep the stupid artists still on Billboard.

    Finally, I am so happy I don’t know s**t about modern music. I didn’t know who the Artist of “Tonight, Tonight” was, or that Flo Rida sung Good Feeling.

    I thank you Buckley, for re-opening my eyes to how sh***y music has become, and I shall not stray from the real music.

  43. crackerbarrell Says:

    What about doing a 10 worst pop songs? As the radio is filled with top 40 crap.

  44. You give me hope in humanity again Buckley, I love you and your videos, I laugh and agree to everything you say, you are just one of the greatest youtubers I have ever had the fortune of discovering. Thank you.

  45. listening to the videos of you ranting about music you don’t like over YouTube got me curious in that now I want to see a video of music you do like, (including hip-hop/rap), but I’m not going to recommend artists/performers to you because maybe you just don’t like hip-hop at all. Can I expect to see a video of the sort from you?

  46. Thank you SO MUCH for what made the list. I hadn’t even heard the Ass song….that was just disappointing….lol. So nice to see lazy “artists” taken to task

  47. I think you’re fucking hilarious and love hearing about your opinions, and I’m about to come up with one of the most generic comments there is on this subject I still plan on sharing it so, for someone who claims to be an expert on music I’d have thought you would know better than to refer to hardcore music as “screamo.” (I’m just assuming that is what you meant when you said screamo since people so rarely are talking about the actual scremo genre)

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