The Ten Worst Songs of 2011

My annual list of the Ten Worst Songs of 2011 is up. Nothing more needs to be said… just watch.

2 Responses to “The Ten Worst Songs of 2011”

  1. so, let me get this straight: that last “gucci” song is criticizing materialism and then moves to bashing someone for working at Arby’s when they should be, i guess, more like her and selling drugs on campus? why? other than the latter pays more? Isn’t she then a materialist who only cares about money? And if she has so little respect for Arby’s why is she ordering food from there? Just for the thrill of ordering people around? Granted her drugs are probably more healthy than whatever Arby’s calls food but, I’m starting to think that she doesn’t really have a coherent ideology here and is just mean to everyone.

  2. I thought I was the only one that had lost hope for humanity with the new “talent” nowadays. contact me. We have a lot to talk about. from sports to shitty celebs. cheers

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