Lost Script: 2011 Norway Attacks

It’s the 2nd anniversary of the attacks in Norway where nearly 80 people were killed by one man (Anders Behring Breivik). It’s also almost the 2nd anniversary of Amy Winehouse’s death.

What follows is a script I partially wrote in 2011 (the ending is missing, and keep in mind it’s a bit shorter than my current work because I only usually did 3-4 minute videos back then). The story goes that I had got home from an evening out, was like “ah shit, I need to make a video for this week”, so slightly inebriated I hit up CNN.com for something to talk about. I wrote this script, then woke up the next morning, re-read it, and decided I needed a new script (Which ended up being “A Dose of Buckley – Music vs The Internet“, one of my most popular videos to date) because it was too dark/angry and didn’t really include any jokes (which doesn’t stop me as much these days, but at that point I wanted things to at least be dark and humorous, not just dark). Any incorrect information is due to the facts being wrong at the time. In the confusion, the death toll was incorrect in both locations until they were able to sort everything out.

Originally Written July 24th, 2011.

So I’m checking out CNN.com because I’m really lazy and couldn’t think of anything to talk about this week, figured something there might inspire me… and I don’t know if you’re a fan of news, but a couple things happened last week, one of them major and one no one should give a shit about… and oddly enough, the one I thought no one should give a shit about? That’s the one being promoted as the important one! So… in Norway, some madman, ONE man apparently, killed 7 people with a bomb outside a government building, using that as a distraction and a reason to claim he needed to do a security check at a political youth camp later that same day, and shot nearly 90 kids. ALMOST 100 people died that day, some of them before their 16th birthdays, by the hands of one fucked up man. The next day? Some celebrity died. And you know what’s getting more press coverage on CNN.com? The piece of shit Celebrity! Amy Winehouse, 27, found dead in her apartment, early reports say she ODed and if it turns out that’s the case, no one will be surprised… and there were 5 or 6 god damn stories on Sunday still about her, FIVE OR SIX stories! Even my Facebook friends, I had two of them post vague “can’t believe what happened in Norway” type statuses, and then the next day 20 of these people posting in detail about Amy Winehouse, sharing tributes to her and saying how great she was, while others argue about whether or not it’s tragic. Well let me settle that argument right now… WHO CARES?! She’s just one human being, and possibly not a very smart one at that, there’s a chance she swallowed too many pills or didn’t know when to stop pushing down on the plunger, she’s not 80 kids tricked into absorbing a fuckload of bullets from a submachine gun by a guy dressed as a cop! The story from Norway? Sure it’s the headline on CNN, but if you go to the “World News” section, there’s only 3 stories about it, and look what else is in “World News”… Amy fucking Winehouse! It’s unbelievable how completely fucked up the mental state of the world is, that we care more about the death of one person just because they’re famous, but the deaths of nearly 100? Ah, whatever, none of those kids wrote a song about their addictions that later on got remixed by Jay-Z so who gives a shit right? An island full of Scandinavian kids becoming target practice doesn’t sell papers and drive traffic to websites quite like some one-hit wonder who couldn’t sing worth a shit in the first place and wouldn’t have made the headlines for another 40 years if she didn’t accidentally off herself.

25 Responses to “Lost Script: 2011 Norway Attacks”

  1. Dav Yash Says:

    nice wordpress website

  2. Welcome to our world, where everyone thinks Amy od’ing like a dumbass is more important than 100 people’s lives.’Murica.

    • Kiran Shanker Says:

      I can’t believe how fucking stupid the majority of the media can be!

      • Sadly this is what we live in two trains crash (1 in Canada 1 in brazil ) I think about 80 – 120 people died but who cares some celeb overdoses on Advil (this is a joke) and that is more important like people that did stuff for people died not a person who thought sticking a needle in my are every day is a good thing. Also this has always happened Amanda Todd that was long ago no one remembers now this is the worst thing ever it seemed like an ad, I was driving home from work and I saw a sign it said this “rip. Amanda Get 1 month free Karate. Back to the real thing a few days after Amanda Todd went viral I island off of Columbia you would not have heard of it there was a fight where 7 people were brutally murdered in front of children yeah bye Internet I will use it when Facebook and twitter are gone and all is left it cat pics

  3. The problem is that everybody thinks that they know celebrities more then their family does(specially music fans who thinks that “the artist sings for them” or “they have a deep relationship with ” ). Because in society , when you’re nobody and not from the USA , media don’t give a shit about you . The other stupid example is with Steve Jobs.

    • Well Steve Jobs was a lot more important than fucking Amy Winehouse. And he didn’t die because of stupidity, he had a terminal illness, but he didn’t let it control his life. He started one of the biggest companies, and was extremely passionate about it.
      I’m saying you have to like him or his products, but what he’s done and how he’s revolutionized the way we live our life deserves recognition and he deserves respect for what he’s done.

  4. this…is…great

  5. Gotta love the media!

  6. Absolutely ridiculous! I’m sick of celebrities getting a bunch of pity because they overdosed when there are lots of things in this world that are so much fucking worse!

  7. Gnarly Girl Says:

    Gnarly dude.

  8. Hello there. It’s very great that you made such a statement about this subject. One of the young people on the island Utøya was a distant relative of mine that nearly died that day. I don’t really care about celebrities, but when more people are expressing their emotions, attention and respect towards a news story about a individual instead of a larger group of people? … Why – just why?

  9. Well, if I said I was surprised, I would be lying. It is truly unfortunate, but hey, what can you expect from the state of the world that we live in?

  10. Sloan Burke Says:

    Can someone answer a question for me? Why is it, that if a celebrity dies from an overdose, its such a “tragic” event; then on the other hand if some Joe-blow overdoses, they’re criminalized because they did drugs?

    • Excellent point. Celebrities are given way too much latitude on our culture. When one of them turns out to be a drug addict and ‘goes to rehab’, or doesn’t, as Winehouse famously refused to do in that song, they get prayers and well-wishes from millions of people around the world. But if you aren’t famous, you’re just another lowlife. Doing drugs, and overdosing on drugs is either a pathetic, criminal act, or a tragedy. Personally I think that every life lost to these substances should be considered a tragedy, but my point is that you can’t have it both ways. And even so, the tragedy of one life lost in an accidental, but nonetheless self-inflicted, death does not equal and certainly does not supersede the tragedy of nearly one hundred innocent lives taken at such a young age by a madman. We really need to take a look at what we really value, and start demanding true news and journalistic coverage of meaningful stories from our media, and get rid of the sensationalism that plagues the entire system today.

    • Matthew Engstrom Says:

      Because people are idiots. Honestly, I agree with practically everything Buckley says. This included.

  11. Good script.

  12. You should have posted the video. It irritated the shit out of me how people were going on about Amy Winehouse after the Norway shooting. That man massacred an insane amount of kids and her death seemed to be the more tragic. People really need to get their priorities straight or they have no right to complain about how fucked the world is.

  13. m0skit0d3lt4 Says:

    You should have put this up!

  14. namedude Says:

    It’s impossible not to read that in Buckley’s voice. I wish he’d finished that script.

  15. Damn homie…

  16. Bobby Smith Says:

    I’ve never even heard of that attack in Norway and to be honest I wish I had heard of it then hearing about stupid Amy Winehouse. I mean jeez, she was addicted to drugs and I remember hearing for the couple of months before it happened, the parents pleating out for help. I still think that, begging stupid idiots to do something will do nothing, and ultimately they did nothing until everyone and their sister suddenly cared.

    Amy Winehouse was just one person in the world like the sick bastard who did this crime, I don’t care about dumb celebrities getting attention (especially people who are addicted to drugs and obviously don’t care where there life goes). In honesty, we should just boycott the stupid media, they may be the one way of getting certain shit, but just like stuff on youtube, you have to sift through the shit to find the good

  17. (Sarcasm) oh yeah let’s treat earth like a stupid piece of shit that no one cares,yay! You’re popular! Listen buckley,NO ONE FUCKING CARES!!! I wish your favourite celebrity like Bill Nye was dead!(no,wait),you don’t have a favourite celebrity,you emotionless snob! And don’t give me fucked-up example of a drug celebrity when you reply.

  18. Random Norwegian Guy Says:

    Things that happen in america is covered up by medias all over the world and norway is little and isnt really a bigshot exept the oil we produce, so things that happen here dont get picked up by other medias around the world.. Thats todays life and media sadly.

    • Chloe, The One Who Knocks Says:

      I wholeheartedly agree. Her death was sensationalized to sell more music by the people who obtained the rights to her songs. Those people in Norway didn’t deserve to die. And are absolutely more inmportant. Her death was her own damn fault. But for everyone in the comments section I would like to say, THIS IS NOT AMERICA’S FAULT. She wasn’t even an American musician, she was an English musician. She died in London. America has done our fair share of stupid media circuses. This was not one of them.

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