Buckley vs Some Woman


Sometimes I take time out of my busy schedule of fighting with trolls on my videos to fight with people in other places. Apparently I might be a little confrontational. So, this happened this weekend…

The story so far:

A local radio station, on their Facebook page, posted a picture from Billy Madison. The caption discussed how Siskel and Ebert gave the movie a very poor review. The point of course was that the movie is very well liked and went on to make Adam Sandler a major star after his run on SNL. A woman then commented on the photo, calling Siskel and Ebert (or maybe just Ebert? Siskel was always pretty skinny, especially now… too soon?) “Overweight faggots”. I responded, sarcastically praising her for speaking up for the cultured and intelligent cinema fans, and said that I hope she teaches her baby (her profile picture included her with a baby) the proper use of the word “faggot” and that maybe it’ll be the child’s first word and that she’d be so proud. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a screen grab of this before the radio station deleted the comment. However, the woman then sent me a private message. This is the ensuing battle of wits. I’ll let you score the bout.


157 Responses to “Buckley vs Some Woman”

  1. Isis Casey Says:

    Oh my God, she’s so stupid. xD

    Buckley, you’re like one of my favorite adults ever.

  2. Brian Clark Says:

    This is just beautiful.

  3. Oh mouthbreathers…

  4. 5 points Buckley.

  5. Baba Booey Says:

    That woman is a “faggot”.

    • Student Says:

      Yes, by her own asinine definition. I’d hope her son would be too old and mature to use it, making it worse.

  6. Wow, score 100-0 in favor of Buckley.

  7. I don’t know how you can deal with people like that, I totally would have snapped

  8. Joseph Warrilow Says:

    Please put this in a scumbags of the internet episode, Buckley!

  9. That was ridiculous and quite sad. I guess a million chances can’t help the people that are below 60 IQ points.

  10. I hate people. Especially people like this. She’s so damn ignorant and stupid that she contradicts her own self. I wonder how her son would feel if he saw this?

  11. Epic responses! You’re my hero Buckley! I’m still trying to figure out if I should laugh or cry at this.

  12. I always love how your arguments are hilarious but still properly backed up and have actual thought behind them!

  13. Very nicely done Buckley. You should teach a form of public speaking/debate “how to outsmart your opponent and make them spin in circles”. Thanks for making my day more interesting 🙂

  14. sometimes i think your super power of simple logic confuses people. it’s a good thing you created adoseofbuckley and decided to use it for good instead of evil…(kinda)

  15. Way to go, Buckley!

  16. This is why you’re so amazing Buckley! Absolutely loved this, thank you for the laughs 🙂

  17. Internet legend 1 – Oxygen thief 0
    If my teenage son ever decides his dad has nothing more to teach him, I will point him here for his continued education. Thankyou sir !

  18. lennie small Says:

    anyone else slightly suspicious she said she had a son but that this son also had a son? and 40 – 24 -> she had her son at 16. this makes so much more sense now….

    • I had the same thought myself, that she got knocked up in her mid-teens. If she was a smart kid who made one or two wrong choices, she wouldn’t be carrying on like this now. My heart goes out to her descendants.

  19. Fucking idiot.

  20. this made my day XD

  21. I tried wordpress..it sucks (or was it something else..?)

  22. I can’t deal with people who refuse to argue reasonably.Trying to get a point through to someone whom is in complete denial and loses interest is too much of a nuisance. They ruin the fun and never understand why your evidence is better than theirs. (I’m not saying I’m always right, but it’s clear when you have the upper hand and the other person is a fucking moron.)

  23. I have learned something new today, Thank you Buckley!!!

  24. Paul Bearer Says:


  25. Thank you. This man should be given a million dollar grant in education. Thank you Buckley…Thank you.

  26. Autism is spreading like wildfire.

  27. Oh my gosh I’m crying with happiness. Thanks Buckley!

  28. Mike Ditcka Says:

    Who has a grandson at 40!!!!!!

  29. Mina Winchester Says:

    I thought it was hilarious that she attributes having a baby at 40 to being attractive. Such low self esteem must have been a contributing factor to her doing the ’16 and Pregnant’ back in the ’80s.

  30. So I wonder if she was on 16 and pregnant, because she claims she’s 40 and her 24 year old has a child…

  31. Well played.

  32. The last message failed to send 😦

  33. Daniel Kevlar Says:

    *slow clap*
    Brilliant, simply brilliant.

  34. One thing I would like to point out is how she kept on claiming that she is “busy” and has more important things to do. Well, if you have more “important things” to do, woman, then why the fuck are you taking less than 5 minutes to respond to Buckley’s messages?? If you were actually THAT busy, as you claim you are, you wouldn’t be responding to messages on Facebook. You would actually be doing the important things you claim you need to do. Sure, you might realize that you have a new message because of a notification or some pop up on your phone or your computer, but why would you be checking your computer or phone if you were so busy to begin with??

    “Shit! My baby’s diaper needs changed and I need to take the dogs for a walk!” *ding* “OH EMM GEE!! I have a new Facebook message! I better check it out and see if it’s that Buckley douchebag who got upset about me calling Ebert an ‘overweight faggot!’ That’s totally more important than the things I just mentioned I need to do!”

    “you must be one of those people with no life!…” Seriously woman!?? If anything, Buckley is the one who actually has a life here! According to the time stamps for the messages, Buckley didn’t take five fucking seconds to respond to one of your messages. No, he actually took about a little over 3 hours to respond. That means he clearly wasn’t sitting on Facebook dicking around and starting arguments with people. He was probably, oh, I don’t know, actually doing something else with his time! Of course, this is under the assumption that she lives in the same local timezone as you do Buckley. If you could clarify whether she does live in the same timezone or not, that would be great, because I would love to know.

    I would also like to point out that it took her three minutes to read AND respond to Buckley’s message sent at 8:18 P.M. Wow, you really must be a busy woman. Took you a long ass time to respond to that message!

    Either it was a coincidence that you just weren’t so “busy” at the same time Buckley typed out his message (must have been, since there is no mobile icon next to the time stamp, so that means she would have had to been on a computer), or you’re not as busy as you claim to be. I’m gonna go with the latter, because you wouldn’t be fucking around on Facebook if you were so busy all the damn time. And if you did just happen to have some free time, then stop claiming that you’re so busy. You’re obviously not busy right now if you’re taking the time to respond to Buckley’s messages.

    Anyway, my rant is over. I’d now like to say that I’m glad there’s people like Buckley on this Earth that actually have some fucking common sense. It’s just a shame we seem to have more ignorant people than we have people with some common sense. Oh well, what can you do?

    • It can be assumed that yes, she lives in the same time zone as me. This all started after I made fun of her post on a local radio station’s Facebook page. One would assume that she is also from same city that the radio station is in, or nearby where it can be heard.

  35. Steven Mayo Says:

    History’s greatest blunders:
    1) Getting involved in a land war in Asia.
    2) Getting involved with Cecilian when death is on the line.
    3) Trying to argue with Buckley without logic.

  36. Hasn’t she learned that you can’t give words a new meaning unless you’re a rapper?

  37. This is fantastic. However, it’s not satisfying. She still doesn’t realize how stupid she actually sounds, nor does she care. The worst part is that most people are like this. There are so many of them, it’s depressing. And they keep breeding. Humans as a species are doomed. See, the zombie apocalypse is actually going to happen, ah yes, but the zombies will be brain dead people such as this woman, feeding away on the few that still have some active braincells. I was thinking of writing a book about it, but it’s already a movie (idiocracy. Watch it, it’s a documentary about our future). Nonetheless, this was entertaining. Thank you Buckley.

    • Since when was idiocracy a documentary… :S

    • Then you should have said “it’s like a documentary of our future” 😛

      • And I’d say you were inferring not hinting

      • Right, I was inferring. I forgot that word existed. But you can’t blame me, I’m Dutch :D. And perhaps I should have said that, though I don’t think that what I said was wrong as much as it was confusing. Either way, thank you for pointing that out. 🙂

      • Thought so (english not being your first language). Nonetheless you have a better grasp on it than this chick. 😛

        P.S With a name like Overdijk I don’t think you really need to point out the fact that you’re dutch! lol

  38. Yea, this sort of thing is as ridiculous as people who say “I’m not racist because I have black friends!” then continuing to call people the “n” word…

    The “I’m busy in real life and you have no life” is one of the most overused excuses ever, if you are so busy being occupied with more “worthwhile” things, then don’t be a keyboard warrior and just get on with your “real things”! I’ve always felt that Facebook is something only people with too much time on their hands play around, unless it’s your job to manage your company’s Facebook page.

    I find it too incredible to believe that a person like her even managed to reproduce and contaminate the rest of humanity with her stupidity…

  39. Buckley please couch mw in your ways of making idiots feel stupid

  40. Reading this was like watching the break of a new wave, hearing a baby laugh or being the guy who gets to smack down that idiot who comments ‘First’ on every video.
    Just beautiful.

  41. Well, saying that Ebert should, “do something else with his time,” is like telling a doctor to quit performing procedures for patients. He is, or rather was, paid to share his opinion on cinematic releases. It was his job. Telling someone that they should do something other than work, “should be doing something else with their time” sounds ridiculous. I’m not quite sure the insult this “lady” is trying to use but I think a thought bubble/web might have been useful.

  42. Love the way you played it.

  43. This is golden.

  44. runningriot115 Says:

    get this lady some burn cream

  45. A battle of wits with an unarmed person is always amusing. Thanks again Buckley.

  46. logic wasn’t in her dictionary

  47. She cannot handle that she dug her own grave in that conversation. Buckley 1000 – Crazed Woman 0

  48. Mark Twain once said, “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.” (At least he’s credited with that quote). Leave it to you to contradict even a man of his ilk.

  49. “When I call someone a faggot, it clearly means they should be doing something else with their time!” Yea….that’s SO clear. Crystal clear. Not once in my life have I heard that word used in such context. This bitch is fucking retarded.

  50. Fay Bailor Says:

    Wow! Really? She claims she didn’t mean it that way, doesn’t say what she ‘really means’, then turns around and calls Buckley a faggot? Does she think she can use the word because it’s not the dictionary definition? if her son really is gay and knew about this I’m sure he’d be very upset.

  51. The sad thing is, there are millions of people like this on the internet. It’s quite depressing.

  52. This woman lowered my IQ

  53. This woman could have just said what she meant (Because I seriously doubt she meant for them to get a life by the word “Faggot”), and accept her mistake. It would have made her look less like a complete and utter idiot.

  54. Yeah right she’s 40…

  55. Donal Mulvey Says:

    Love how she still used the word faggot there and thenafetr.

  56. I love how she tried insulting you by

  57. She is 40, she has a grandchild and she talks like a 14 years old?
    That’s some fine specimen you found there.

  58. Blond Panda Says:

    Wow, this is what I call entertainment.
    Welcome to the internet 🙂

  59. I don’t know what’s more funny, my two failed suicides or people like this woman.

  60. OMG…… That “woman” needs to be doing something else with her time 🙂 Like getting a catchers mitt and catching a clue, but alas she seems the type to use NON-Logic to fight against Logic and decides she wins because of that fact.

  61. Parker James McPhee Says:

    Buckley, you are awesome, it is rare to see someone stay that composed and grammatically correct in this day and age (referring to you of course). love your videos and your original audios on your website. keep up the good work, its well liked in my circle of friends.

  62. It’s a great shame. Really, it is. All that air used for someone, a woman with the intelligence of a World of Warcraft veteran, & the sagacity of a punk rocker.

  63. This is perfect. Advantage Buckley. That Thank you for your time sentence was brilliant.

  64. She basically says, “My insult is not an insult!”… wut.
    Clearly a flimsy justification for doing something that can only be considered offensive and harmful. Well played, Buckley.

  65. As Louis C.K once so eloquently put it: “Quit being a faggot and suck that dick!”

    It’s not that long ago that I was using the word faggot as an insult. If I was talking about someone who I thought was being a moron, I’d call them a faggot. I’ve always believed that gay people deserve the same respect for their love life as straight people get, I just never thought of using the word faggot, as gay bashing, it was mostly a bad habit. But then I got wiser to what the word means to gay people. And well, there are plenty of cuss words to choose from.

  66. Your comments = we must marry ^__^
    Ahaha, but seriously, someone has to at least try to swim against the tide of stupid. Thanks for taking one for the team!!!!

  67. That was fantastic! I love how she tried to type and act intelligently for her first post, and as soon as you poked a hole in her argument, her grammar and logic deteriorated like a pile of ashes in a windstorm 😀

  68. mcpherson94 Says:

    Sometimes it’s best to just ignore the comments… although I can understand starting a ‘flame-war’ when a comment is that absurd. I guess that there is just no reasoning with the unreasonable. That aside, jolly good show!

    I promise that this meme will explain everything:

  69. SimpleHollow Says:

    Too bad he couldn’t post the last reply! It was funny.

  70. God, this woman is dull. It’s disgusting how she justifies her use of faggot because of her gay son…I wouldn’t put it past people like this to make up something like that too.

  71. I’ve been in a situation like this a few times. I’ve had the high ground, I have all the logic on my side, I’m trying desperately to show them how stupid they are in the hopes that they themselves see it and change their ways, and then they run away from the debate (“I’m really busy/I have to water the goldfish/insert bullshit excuse here”). And then the next day they’ll carry on trying to lie their way out of it. “That wasn’t me, it was my little brother/sister” or “Someone hacked my account” or “I was stoned.” Never met a stoner who could figure out how to turn their laptop on, let alone go on Facebook and argue. Only once have I been allowed to savour victory over an idiot like this woman (they actually admitted they were stupid and conceded defeat), and let me tell you, it was a beautiful moment. Shame the other 20 debates didn’t go the same way.

    Anyway, well played Buckley, you handled the situation far better than most would, including myself. Sometimes a person’s stupidity is too much for me to handle and I snap. This incident is just one of the reasons why you are utterly awesome and why you should have your own Star on the Walk of Fame (Does that still exist? Never been to the States so I’ve never seen it myself).

  72. Idiots own the Internet Now Says:

    You know, this would be an amazing “Scumbags Of The Internet” Video. I should move to Canada if Buckley ever gets elected into office.

  73. She called you a “busy body.” It was a comment on a public post. How is that being a busy body?

  74. Missbrandig Says:

    Ha, you made that bitch look completely stupid. I was laughing the whole time. I like how she got defensive when you proved many valid points and flaws in the statements she made.

  75. She stated a long of things that she couldn’t even support. A lot of people are like her. They like to prove they are right but they don’t back up what they say. Also Buckley, i assume that talking to this woman made you feel like you’re talking to a wall.

  76. I don’t understand why the radio station took down Buckley’s comment and not hers. It is clearly hate speech… I am at a loss for words.

  77. You’re great! …And far too patient with people who cannot learn.

  78. Adam Buckley, I love your work. This is yet again a piece where you manage to make a point while leaving the audience in stitches.
    Your Fan,

  79. Am I the only one that noticed in her first messaged she tried to type (some what) decent English and as soon as Buckley called her on how terrible her English was, she stopped and started typing all txt/messager slang.

  80. im doubting that woman was 40 years old

  81. Pavel Mitev Says:

    I don’t know whats sadder; that there are people that are that fucking stupid, or that they’re so fucking stupid that they can’t realize how fucking idiotic, and hypocritical they actually sound. These are the people that believe that they’re the center of the universe and that they’re opinion matters more than anyone else.

    I see them all the time on Facebook, these fucking imbeciles who try to be philosophers by trying to make thoughtful comments or quotes. It honestly pains me too see this kind of ignorance in a day and age where we need to shed it off so that we can advance.

    And this is just generations on generations of imbeciles and morons breeding and teaching their spawn the ways of stupidity.

    But.., what can you do? They don’t want to be educated and unless you brainwash them i doubt that they will. Mouth-breathers, fucking mouth-breathers.

  82. Well, the thing about haters is that they take time out of their (only yo themselves) so significant life to hate and call people “Overweight Faggots”. Clearly, it serves them no practical purpose besides feeling good out of trying to make others feel bad.

    Thus I deduce that if that woman had better things to do than to insult two upstanding members of society, then,according to her own definition, the woman is a “faggot”.

    If she really had NOTHING better to do than to call these two men “Overweight faggots”, like, say, bringing up her children instead of using them as an excuse to go around insulting people, then I almost feel sorry for her.


  83. Oh god. She just makes me sad.

  84. Iguanas Shall Rule The Day Says:

    This isn’t a battle, this is a one-sided slaughter, lol

  85. I’m 16 years old, and fed up with the current connotations and culture that has occupied the web and public schools. I’m not the stereotypical guy, and the standards are getting lower and lower in society. I love the stuff you do and this just kinda shows the kind of stuff that swims around today. Thanks for making my day xD

  86. And to imagine, she’s just one out of the millions of idiots there are who think this way. Hopefully her children didn’t inherit her stupidity.

  87. The person who commented to Buckley is probably ignorant.

  88. Buckley you are great don’t ever change. 🙂

  89. connorleemorseCOnnor Says:

    Oh god, the stupid, it hurts.

  90. I just knew that when I saw “my 18 year old son is not even bi he’s so homosexual” it was going to be a good one! My best friend is a lesbian, like not even very bisexual, more so lesbian, so I should be allowed to throw around “dyke” and “faggot” as well! Yipee!

  91. My hands down favorite part was HER emailing YOU to defend herself but then saying she is “too busy” to actually defend herself. All she would have had to do (in my opinion) was say she was using it as an insult, period. People who say “the f word” are still implying the meaning, whether they say fuck or not. Makes no difference, the intention is there – own it.

  92. Buckley is pwning the ignorant one at a time. Buckley versus the World, 1:0.

  93. Geez… That woman stated that she is 40 and she has a 24 year old son… she had the child when she was 16…

  94. And here we see what happens when you mix social media and the ignorant. A flurry of contradicting statements made by those who know little on the subject or aren’t fit to speak on behalf of it. Oh and if she has a 24 year old son, that means she would have had him when she was around 16 years old. I hope you all can see her mistakes and learn from them.
    1. Don’t have a child until you can physically and mentally support it without stooping down to the level of prostitution and other adult themed jobs.
    2. Use proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar when you are arguing with someone online. The more time and effort you spend, the more time you will have had to think about a response.
    3. Accept defeat. If you realize during a conversation that you were wrong, just admit it then and there. It will save both of you a lot of time.
    4. Have your ideals and beliefs figured out. This way you will have more time to ponder their argument and less time figuring your own out.
    5. Read their response in a positive tone. This will make your response less abusive and will keep you in a calmer state when typing your rebuttal.
    6. Don’t be a dick. Just don’t be a dick. Not that hard to do. No pun intended.

  95. I love how she uses the word faggot as an insult then defends she wasn’t at all using it that way and then uses it to insult you. This woman is full of contradictions, well good on you buckly for trying you educate another one no matter how hopeless they are

  96. mori rintaro Says:

    really? this again? why do we have to talk about the slang for homosexuals again?

  97. Wow… Buckley for president! Alas he was not born in the land of fat people and cheeseburgers. In other words, listening to your work, I’ve noticed that your logic easily outweighs others. I like to use what I learn from your work, to help me in arguments; it works amazingly on showing idiots like these how they contradict themselves. Once again, thanks for being a youtube commentator Buckley! (I know you have a site of your own… but I typically use youtube as the servers load faster :))

  98. NiceJobBuckley Says:

    Buckley throws a curveball! The 40 year old is up to bat and takes a swing- And completly wiffs!!! The Canadian Medicine wins the game!!!!

  99. Nuramin Hakimi Says:

    Oh Buckley, you and your love for Memento.

  100. Buckley manages to win every single fight…now i get why he finds it amusing to waist time on these people…hilarious

  101. LOL Buckley you’re the best

  102. “My son is not even bi he is so homosexual.”

    That statement alone gives insight into how idiotic she is. That’s like saying that he’s so deep into the closet that he’s super gay, with a cape and everything. It also makes it sound like his being completely gay is a bad thing that makes everything much more difficult for her, seeing as how he isn’t acting “normal” and chasing women in addition to men. Overall, she came across as an uneducated, short-tempered fool. I’m glad that you spoke circles around her, though I doubt she learned anything. I wish people actually learned a few things from dealing with you.

  103. Buckleyian Says:

    I love this, Buckley, you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize of Logic.

    Buckley… psst… be my lawyer!

  104. I must say Buckley, that was quite entertaining 😉 I love how you stayed cool throughout the whole thing, it can really piss people off.

  105. Buckley, you absolute legend!!!!

  106. algebragirl1 Says:

    Are you sure she’s actually 40? With punctuation like that, I feel like it’s more likely that she was just some ten year old trolling around with her mother’s Facebook account. At least I hope that’s the case…

    (By the way, ladies and gentleman, that is how you should use an ellipsis. It’s not “,,,” or “!…” whatever the feathers either of those mean.)

  107. Thanks, I will score this bout. Buckley 1, ignorant woman who is too busy to write 3 more replies 0.

  108. *slow clap* This is why time after time I come to Buckley for my daily amusement. Putting feeble-minded people, male or female, in their place and reminding them of their own hypocrisy. I can’t wait to see the next Dose of Buckley video. I’m ready for my sides to spasm and burst under the pressure of immense laughter. Keep ’em rolling Buck! Put those awards to use!
    *I realize now that this sounds super sarcastic – no sarcasm was intended*

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