Radio Hypocrisy 2

So yesterday I got in a fight on Twitter with a couple local radio personalities: Sarah Burke, and Mark Cameron. Both host shows here in the city on a terrestrial radio station. It all started with this:


Sarah Burke posted the link to the ‘open letter to Miley Cyrus from the AriZona Ice Tea manager’ thing that has been going viral for the last couple days. Of course, the letter was NOT written by anyone from AriZona, it was written by a Funny or Die contributor. At no point does Burke mention this in the comment, but that’s not the worst of it… the worst of it is that she now believes that it’s funny to write an open letter to a celebrity and criticize them publicly. But wait… a few years ago, I did the exact same thing… with her! I wrote an open letter to Sarah Burke, something that resulted in her being incredibly upset over (she went out of her way to get my phone number from a mutual friend to call me to tell me how unhappy she was about it, and she e-mailed me several times to try and get me to delete the letter, at one time trying to threaten legal action). I’ve since deleted the entire thing (I did so after she came back to London after a stint in Kingston, figuring she deserved a fresh start), but here were some of the highlights:

Since your appointment to the [station name] weekend host position, I have been listening to your work quite frequently, as I do most of my driving around the city during the hours your shows are on, and I am an avid [station name] listener. I’ve enjoyed the work of the last several [station name] weekend hosts [I named a bunch of hosts]. Each one brought something different to their shows [I listed a bunch of unique elements each previous host had utilized], However, with you, Sarah, I have yet to pick out a single thing that makes your shows unique, with one exception: they’re uniquely awful.

Most of this letter centered on a BRUTAL bit she had done one Mother’s Day, where she interviewed a security guard, the only person that was in the building with her that day:

Very David Letterman-esque of you. So you give him a call, and start talking to him about his mother… who you immediately mention has passed away. WHAT!? What kind of dark turn has this taken? It’s Mother’s Day and now I’m listening to some old man talk about his dead mother and how they enjoyed going to dog shows. Well, hold on, everyone enjoys dogs, so now I’m thinking “maybe Burke is going to salvage this in some way”. So you ask him how his wife and kids are… Sarah, you’ve picked the saddest old man in the world to put on the radio, as he explains that he and the wife are separated, and I’m pretty sure he mentioned he doesn’t see the kids that often. AND after all of that, you decide to wish him a “Happy Mothers Day”. I suspect he will not be having a Happy Mother’s Day, nor will other people who are in a similar situation that may have been trying to not think about how depressing their lives are and just wanted to listen to the radio and be entertained. I wouldn’t be surprised if that security guard was found later that day hanging in the janitor’s closet with a note sticking out of his pants that just said “Burke”, written in tears.

I wanted to let Burke know that I’m glad she’s changed her mind about open letters, so I tweeted her the above photo and my screen captured comment, which of course she deleted immediately and blocked me from commenting further. That’s fine, it’s their Facebook page, and they can do what they want (and it’s not like I don’t have enough places to post things). The following Twitter conversation ensued:


Burke is notorious for lazy show prep. I’ve heard numerous bits where she essentially read a Buzzfeed article (without saying it was from Buzzfeed too, so that makes it even worse). But anyway, clearly she tries to brush me off, she thinks she’s in the right so that’s all that matters. If you don’t believe you’re a hypocrite or that you’ve lied to your audience, I guess you’re not a hypocrite or a liar.

So, that’s that. She’s brushed me off, I’m not pursuing the conversation any further, we’ve both said our goodbyes and it’s all over. Right? Nope, because the Gallant White Knight Mark Cameron must come to save poor Princess Burke! You see, Burke’s just a girl who can’t take care of herself, and mean smelly old Buckley just picks on women, and must be taught a lesson by this brave warrior, who is not at all a hypocrite either, as we’re about to see. Of course, he never thought that this has nothing to do with her gender and everything to do with her being fucking terrible at her profession (This is a radio host who segued a story about a child’s death into a station contest, and she once referred to former Maple Leaf’s head coach Pat Burns as “alive and well” 2 weeks before he succumbed to the cancer that he’d been living with for some time… very “well” indeed). I believe I’ve included every tweet, and the only editing that has taken place was the order the tweets were made, in an attempt to make this look like a coherent conversation (but it’s Twitter, where it would be easier to find Bigfoot than a coherent conversation). None of the context has been changed, and I have not edited anything to make myself look better. This is the conversation, and you’re all free-thinking human beings who can make their own minds up about what they’ve just read.


By the way, the picture reference in my first tweet to him… we had our picture taken together during an awards ceremony when I was going to school. He presented me with the “Announcer of the Year” award in 2009.


Of course, Mark Cameron no doubt thinks he’s walked away the victor. As I said to one of my fans on Twitter later that night that claimed I was “destroying him”, “Arguments are only won in the minds of those who participate.” I’m sure Mark is very happy with this. But I don’t believe he should be for the following reasons:

  • He sat at his keyboard calling me “chicken shit” and a “coward who sits behind their comp”, then claimed he doesn’t stand for personal attacks (which, at no point during these conversations did I personally attack anyone, I only critiqued their professional work). Nothing hypocritical there of course.
  • He tried to bring gender into it right off the bat, to attempt to twist it into some other sort of angle that has nothing to do with the topic (which is that Burke was in the wrong for posting this considering she got so upset when she was criticized as a public figure, and for posting it as a legit article).
  • He acted foolish while representing his employer (even though he claims his personal account doesn’t represent his employer, he speaks for them on several occasions in his tweets and even claims I’m welcome to come meet with them… I’ll bring the donuts!)
  • He keeps claiming that because the Funny or Die letter was satire, that makes it ok. They’re still being critical of Miley and trashing her behavior, which is what makes the letter funny. But it’s ok because it’s satire. So he’s fine with personal attacks on Miley Cyrus (who by the way is a woman, last we all checked), but doesn’t see how that’s hypocritical.
  • He claims that I should meet with them to discuss issues I have with their station, then claims he wouldn’t want to meet with me anyway. Of course, I’M the coward still, him calling me “chicken shit” from a computer in the safety of his own home, that’s as brave as it gets.
  • He shows that he clearly doesn’t understand how The Onion works. If someone posted an article from The Onion but claimed it was real, they’d be laughed at by anyone who knows what The Onion is. That’s exactly what Burke did with the Funny or Die article. If he’s claiming that the station’s Facebook page is like The Onion, so they can post fake news and report it as real… well, they’re not. First off, The Onion doesn’t repost fake news stories that someone else wrote and claim they’re true, they write their own fake news stories and never make any claims about anything. Second of all, this radio station is not The Onion. And they never will be. The worst Onion writer is 10x better than anyone working for any terrestrial radio station on the planet.
  • He tries to be condescending toward me because “he could pass me on the street and have no idea who I am”, but I have a bigger following than him on every major social networking site and more people hear my work every week than hear his work. In fact, people have PAID to hear my work. As far as I’m aware, no one has ever bought a collection of Mark Cameron’s bits, and they only listen to him because they have to listen to him for a few minutes every hour in between the songs they want to hear. When people come to my channel, they’re coming to listen to me.

So, that was my Wednesday night. Fighting with hypocritical radio hosts who are fine with dishing it out, but not fine with being scrutinized themselves. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the studio. Forever.

55 Responses to “Radio Hypocrisy 2”

  1. Oh, but they work for the #1 Radio station in London don’t ya know. hahaha. Their parent company encourages generic, shitty bits anyway, so I’m sure both of them think they are doing great by reading Buzzfeed and the occasional Fark news article. That unnamed company has been watering down content for years.

    • Unnamed Broadcasting Student Says:

      But they aren’t number 1… In Spring 2013, they took in a 9.1 share, while CIQM (Virgin Radio) took in an 11.3 and CJBX (BX93) took in a 10.3.

  2. Question: who’s Mark Cameron

  3. Sean Banan Says:

    Who the fuck is this Cameron dude?

  4. Some Random Middle-schooler Says:

    I hope to god that Mark Cameron sees this…

  5. Not much to say except they’re both brilliant Buckley backhands.

    There’s a reason I listen to your videos on Youtube, and even some of the content on your website too, and this just adds to it.

    Great work, goes to show you’re a natural at what you do, and they’re looking like less of one.

  6. The Quebec Guy Says:

    Ontario sure has funny radio hosts… You’d probably have some fun in Quebec with Radio X, our lovely trash radio. Anyways, great job Buckley, that Cameron dude sure is a douche.

  7. hey who the fuck is burke and mark cameron, what do they they are they british, they should just brush their teeth with all the bullshit that comes out their mouth, oh yeah the british could give 2 shits about their oral heatlh huh, maybe arizona can make a mouthwash and sponsor these 2 genetic disasters !!

    • A Friend Who Cares Says:

      Hey, who the fuck are Burke and Mark Cameron? What do they want? They are British; they should just brush their teeth with all the shit that comes out of their mouth. Oh yeah, the British could give two shits about their oral health, huh? Maybe Arizona can make a mouthwash and sponsor these two genetic disasters!
      -Translated by a friend who cares

    • Pity The Fool Says:

      They are clearly working in as radio presenters in London, Canada, as does Buckley. If you think Buckley’s accent is “British” then you need to get out more.

    • Donthatebrits Says:

      Not all brits are like this. Don’t hate them before you know them.

    • Firstly you clearly don’t understand the difference between England and Canada, secondly where does this British have bad teeth come from, i am English and i had braces and now have perfectly strait clean teeth. To be honest your just an ignorant stereotyping racist

  8. Ethan Alexander Says:

    I can’t find it on Funny or Die; has anyone else seen the photo they mention? validating. btw cool he lives in London

  9. This is why I love Buckley. Amazing debater, and very practical and, you know, NOT hypocritical.

  10. HalfandHalf Says:

    I never even heard of this “Mark Cameron” guy, and I have family in London. He contradicts himself multiple times, and I doubt many people would recognize him on the street, considering he’s in the radio business. And besides, Buckley is amazing:)

  11. For one, I’ve never heard of Sarah Burke or Mark Cameron… Secondly, I’m glad I didn’t waste my time getting to know them. Buckley fan for life!

  12. MArk Cameron should’ve give you an announcer of the year award every year.

  13. You should be less pompous about your popularity, Buckley.

    • I should be? I’m only pointing it out in this case because Mark keeps bringing it up, he’s being far more arrogant about it, talking down to me because he believes I’m nobody and he believes himself to be somebody (which is really pompous, his ego is the result of living in the same city doing the same show for too long, and if he stepped out of his bubble here in London, Ontario, he’d be “nobody”). In fact in a followup last night, he referred to me as “a nothing”. That doesn’t bother me, if anything it shows how insecure he is about his own “fame”, it’s far too important to him. He’ll find out the hard way, as all radio hosts eventually do, that even local fame doesn’t last forever.

  14. David Oesch Says:

    you wasted my time buckley.

  15. Who exactly are these two again? Two morons trying to take on the King of Satire, Buckley? Yeah, that went about as well as trying to keep people calm on Black Friday. Good for you to straighten out those two dipshits, sir. Good for you.

  16. You’ve already pointed out the bottom line. They are public figures. They should realize they will be critiqued and judged, and they can accept that fact or find a new job. If I was Sarah, I would’ve realized my mistake and retract that idiotic post. Of course, if I was Sarah I wouldn’t have made that post in the first place. You’ve got nothing better to report on?

  17. more paid content any time soon ??

  18. Terrence Eustache Says:

    I seriously have no idea who Mark Cameron is…

  19. Fox Lelean Says:

    Wow. Those two are so idiotic the word “special” comes to mind. There is a lesson to be learned here: Don’t take on Buckley in a battle for the morale high ground. He’ll bitch slap you into next week. They should have just owned up to their mistakes right off the bat. But that actually requires them to have a brain cell, something they lack between them.

  20. hahaha, buckley, you are the man.

  21. Abby Hyatt Says:

    Buckley, you are one of my idols. Seriously, you’re good at debating people, give defend your opinions with examples, and you aren’t a hypocrite. And not to mention, you are pretty hilarious. You are amazing!

  22. So, (using Mark’s logic) your public letter was an attack on a woman, but the one they shared wasn’t?
    I forgot there was a London in Canada..

  23. Thanks Buckley. I’m entertained 🙂
    And that guy is childish. Good thing you got into fight with him cause I would probably just ignore him like I would an annoying kid and it would make it look like I lost. But that’s why you make video and no tI 😉

  24. P.S. – What’s the cute little smile at the bottom of this page?

  25. London, CA not London, UK guys.

  26. Srbija812 Says:

    Buckley, this is freaking hilarious. Gotta love the Celeb-type drama from nobodies. And the fact that they get soooo defensive when you point out their hypocrisies just makes me think of our fundamentalist cancers we have here in America. Point out their contradictions and they flip their shit.

  27. Mina Winchester Says:

    The comments are almost as funny as the post. It’s like someone in Texas posting about going to Paris for car parts on facebook. Locals would think Paris, TX, US. Others would think they were nuts to go abroad for car parts.

  28. What a jackass Cameron is.

  29. The_Drama_Llama Says:

    And this is why I love what you do, Buckley.

  30. Oh Buckley you big woman hating monster you. ❤

  31. TheFeen74 Says:

    Nobody bothered to ask the question: Did Mark Cameron get into Sarah Burke’s pants after this or not? Seems pretty obvious that’s all he was really after. I certainly hope he got some sort of kick back for the beating he took. XD

  32. Mark calls Buckley a “nobody”…. Yet he argues with this “nobody”. If he really thought he was above Buckley then he would have just ignored the whole issue. Also Mark is using the fact that Sarah is a girl against Buckley, doesn’t that make him seem a bit sexist? He thinks that a few words are going to pop out of a computer and hurt Sarah? If I was walking down a street I would notice Buckley, not Mark. I think people have an issue with thinking before they post dumb shit on the internet.

  33. Buckleyian Says:

    Bravo, mate! Buckley, it seems you have anally bruised this ‘Mark Cameron’ to the point where he is bleeding!

    Also, Buckley, I would like you to be my lawyer.

  34. You are 100% right Adam. Pure hypocrisy.

  35. Found the un-named radio station. That was easy.

  36. The white text on a black background…MY EYES 😥 Any way to change the colours, they screw my eyes over

  37. Realized I hadn’t liked your FB page yet when I read this article. So chalk another one up to James Cameron and who ever the other one is. Hard to use popularity against someone with a video that has almost 7 million views.

  38. […] Oh boy…I’m not even sure where to begin with this one. First of all I think his statement does carry some validity. Based off of what I hear scanning through my dial everyday, it seems to be the same topics over and over again, and Bieber often finds himself to be on that topic list, even with stations that shouldn’t care about him. Case in point: the local rock station that likes to talk about him once a day part at least. Not only is that bullying, but it’s also flogging a dead joke. (also a good read on this subject by “A Dose Of Buckley”) […]

  39. […] It all seems too familiar with another blog post I’ve read from A Dose Of Buckley… […]

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