The Ten Worst Songs of 2013: What NOT To Expect

NOTE: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS HERE! If you haven’t watched the Ten Worst Songs of 2013 yet (or you’re reading this before it has been released), do NOT continue reading if you don’t want to know what will and won’t be on the list.



Once again, it’s time for my list of the ten worst songs of 2013. And once again, it’s time for a bunch of people to bitch that the song they hated the most wasn’t on the list. Well, it’s MY list, and I don’t really need to justify it, but in the interest of shutting some of you up, I’ll try to explain why certain songs or artists didn’t make the list. Still not satisfied? No explanation here for a song you thought should be on the list but isn’t? Well then, the easiest way to explain it is “I felt there were ten songs that were worse”.



Ylvis – The Fox

My rule of not putting stupid novelty Internet sensations in my videos continues. If The Fox went in, then so too must Alison Gold’s “Chinese Food” or “ABCDEFG”, and as I’ve said before, that means every shitty song done by some emo band in their parent’s garage qualifies, or every wannabe rapper on YouTube qualifies, and the list is just a recap of all the stupid viral videos you were too dumb not to click on. OF COURSE those songs are bad. They’re not by professionals. Or in the case of “The Fox”, it’s professional comedians making a song for a sketch, and it happened to be pretty annoying. And I don’t give a shit that the American Billboard charts now legitimize these songs because it counts YouTube views. I will not legitimize them on my list. Think of them as “too shitty” for the list if that helps you, but I would suggest that anyone who makes a worst song list and puts “The Fox” on it is only doing so to pander to the idiots who EXPECT it to be on there. If it’s on there, where do we draw the line? Since “The Fox” was basically a commercial for a TV show, maybe all commercial jingles should be included on a list of the worst songs? Yep, that’ll make for a fun list…


Rebecca Black – Saturday

What did I JUST fucking write!? Rebecca Black is an unsigned performer who is known for ONE song, and she’s known for it because of how stupid it was, and because people posted it on everyone’s Facebook walls saying “Oh man, you gotta check out how bad this is!” because that’s what people do… they’re more likely to share something that’s awful than something that’s of some sort of value. Saturday is just an attempt to stretch her 15 minutes of viral fame into 15 more minutes of viral fame. Let me know when she’s signed and is putting out legitimate songs off an album. Then maybe we’ll talk.


Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines

“Where’s Blurred Lines!? That song sucked!”, no doubt there will be a few hundred of those comments. I left it off the list not because I liked the song… but because it’s too fucking mediocre. And for those of you bitching about it being a song about rape… you’re reading too much into it. And this is coming from me… the guy who reads too much into EVERY song.


Kanye West – Bound 2

If it was the Ten Worst VIDEOS of 2013, sure, it’d be on there. It might even be #1. It’s a really stupid video. But I don’t judge songs based on their video, I judge songs based on the song. Bound 2 is just boring, and the only REALLY awful element is that stupid “Come here papi!” or whatever she says (I listened to the song once and have not had to listen to it again because it’s not charting and it’s not getting radio play around here or where I work, which is another reason it’s not on the list… the only way you’re possibly listening to this song is if you’re subjecting yourself to it, and that’s your own fault).


Lorde – Royals

If you think this song was boring… that’s fair, it doesn’t do a whole lot musically, and it’s not overly upbeat. If you think the song was lyrically a piece of shit… you’re either an idiot who didn’t understand the lyrics, OR you hate songs with SOME sort of substance. If you simply hate this song, that’s perfectly understandable… it’s been played into the ground. No way anyone COULDN’T be sick of this song by now. BUT, that doesn’t mean it makes the list of the ten worst songs of the year. If it was called “The Ten Most Overplayed Songs of the Year”, then it would likely be #1, but a song being overplayed doesn’t necessarily make it bad. I watched some other person’s list of the worst songs of 2012, and that was essentially his reason for two songs being on the list… that would be like suggesting that if you watch The Shawshank Redemption once a week, eventually it goes from being one of the best movies ever made to one of the worst. You might get sick of watching it, but it’s still a great film (note: Lorde – Royals is NOT the Shawshank Redemption of songs… more like the Quiz Show of songs… slow and maybe a little boring to some people, but still interesting).


Britney Spears – Work Bitch

I’m not going to say I LIKED this song… but the message is actually not awful. If you want nice things in life, or if you want to look good, you need to work for it. Hate Britney if you want, but do you think she just rolls out of bed looking like she does? It requires time in the gym, not eating just everything that’s put in front of her… if you think “anyone can look like that”, go look at yourself in the mirror. Do you? No? Well then I guess “anyone” can’t. “I could if I had the time”, do you know what goes on in a gym? It’s not just about time, you know you don’t just go sit in a chair for an hour and you come out thin and toned, right? You are required to put in an effort. Beyond that, it’s a generic pop song that’s not worth getting too worked up over.


Anything I Already Did a Musical Autopsy of

This rule is back in effect this year. In fact, two of the Musical Autopsies I did this year were slightly positive (Lorde – Royals and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop), so it was fairly obvious that they weren’t going to make the list. The rest, though terrible songs, weren’t as bad as the ten I chose.


Flo Rida

Holy shit, for the first time in two years, Flo Rida didn’t make the list! He put out songs… but they didn’t really do anything. One of the things that I usually take into consideration for the worst songs of the year is whether anyone even cared about it. If a song is shitty, but no one listened to it, then it’s done fairly minimal damage. Though “I Cry” kind of made waves, there’s nothing more that I can say about it that I didn’t already say about “Good Feeling” 2 years ago (shitty rapping done over a stolen sample, pretty much par for the course for Flo Rida).


Nicki Minaj

You know I hate Nicki Minaj and would love for the 2012 “champion” to make an appearance on the list again… but she didn’t really put anything out this year! She had one single, “High School”, which didn’t even crack the top 40, and just wasn’t awful enough to make this year’s list. I guess she needed a break this year. Maybe we’ll see her back on the list in 2014.


Justin Bieber

It’s been a pretty busy year for Justin Bieber, but his off-stage antics have been way more interesting than any of the boring, generic pop he pushed out in 2013. Nothing he put out this year is even worth the effort to discuss for more than this sentence and the sentence before it.


Any song that I can’t find anything funny to say about

[This is a direct copy and paste from last year’s “What Not To Expect” blog post] Again, keep in mind this is all for the sake of comedy, and there’s a reason why I’m now known as the guy who does this… search “Worst Songs of 2011” on YouTube. My video has nearly 3 million views [note: now it’s over 7 million], everyone else ranges from 300 views to 40,000 views. Not to sound arrogant, but you’re not listening to this and sharing it with people because of the songs themselves, it’s what I say about them. If the list was me saying “#10 – [Insert song here] This song sucks because it’s repetitive and boring and it’s stupid… #9 – [Insert song here] I hate this song, it sucks and is annoying… #8 – [Insert song here] I didn’t like this song, it was stupid”… I’d have no fan base. You want to be entertained, and that’s not entertaining. Don’t take this list super serious, don’t say things like “Oh, this should be #4, not #6” or “why isn’t [insert your least favourite song] on the list instead of [insert some song you didn’t think was all that bad]”, just enjoy the comedy. Or don’t. Whatever.


82 Responses to “The Ten Worst Songs of 2013: What NOT To Expect”

  1. Callum Hayden Says:

    Hey Buckley, on the odd chance that you’re reading this I want to thank you for the years of brilliant humour and entertainment your Youtube video’s have given me.

    Real, intelligent humour is hard to come by and each of your video’s are both insighful and highly amusing. They are like little gems which brighten my day. I’ve recommend all my friends in the UK to subscribe to you, and the ones that have are now avid watchers of your video’s too!

    You keep doing what you do and I’ll keep watching.

  2. Jake Adler Says:

    This year, I enjoyed the humour incorporated into the list. Out of curiosity, what happened with the song “23” by Miley Cyrus and some other shitty rappers there to back up Miley’s “bad girl” career. That song could be thought of as a rip off of “22” (conveniently) and is flat out shitty rapping.

    • Actually, 23 is not about the age, it’s about the bottles. “Waitress asked how many bottles I said 23”

      • that song has nothing to do with age or bottles… clearly neither of you know anything about sports (or at least basketball) or shoes….. 23 is the number of the worlds “best and most known” basketball player ever, michael jordan. he also “coincidently” has a very popular shoe contract with nike, and do you know what his shoes are called??? bear with me here on this one, theyre called “Jordans” aka “J’s”. i was trying to refrain from any insults, but clearly you 2 are both blind (shes wearing his jersey with the #23 for the whole video) and somewhat stupid and oblivious to the countless remarks of miley being “in the club with her J’s on” or the other part that repeats itself, “J’s on my feet, so get like me” (all the while constantly showing off her shoes)… even if you know nothing about basketball or michael jordans world famous shoe more commonly known as “J’s” , i would have at least expected yoy to ask someone what the fuck is she talking about… for christ sake did you think she was trying to rap about wearing the actual letter “J” on her feet???

      • Um no it’s not it’s referring to Jordan’s cause 23 was his number and it repeatedly talks about him and the shoes.

      • not really it is the symbol for jordans

    • and jake seriously? you clearly didnt listen to the song even once because if you had, you’d known that theres no reference to age not even once in the entire song. i think the number “23” is only spoken once in the entire song and sydney quoted it already.

  3. The only part i don’t agree with is what you said about ‘Blurred Lines’. I’m not going to be the guy that calls you an idiot because your opinion differs from mine, but i think it was a pretty terrible song mainly because it was Robin Thicke pulling a Madonna move (What she did for ‘Give me All Your Luvin’) and did all he could to become as relevant as any “artist” who constantly makes the top 40 (featuring T.I. because he’s far more relevant). I also think he’s pretty pathetic, already being a married man, he tries to lure in any good-looking woman he can find by advertising his dick and constant hashtags. (Which probably isn’t a relevant reason since you don’t judge songs by their music videos). As for the song being about rape, didn’t think that was the point of the song, but that’s just me. Sure it makes him seem perverted as fuck but it’s really just him asking girls to get nasty with them even if she’s a good girl. He also doesn’t know what rhymes with hug me. I should ask a 1st grade teacher to make one of their daily assignments “What Rhymes With Hug Me?” maybe their students can help Robin out with it. Also, like Madonna, Robin gives T.I. and Pharrell very little time to express themselves (All Pharrell really says is “Errbody Get Up” and “Wooh!”) I respect your opinion about the song, i just think the reasons i stated had the same reasons why you put various songs on your previous lists.

    • Hey Jab, I just wanted to let you know that Pharrell produced the song so you can say he did a little more than just say “Wooh!” and “Errbody Get Up”. (Just saying)

    • To add to what Lex said, Pharrell signed Robin Thicke to his record label, Star Trak, in 2006. As for T.I. being on his track for relevancy, that could be argued but Lil’ Wayne put Robin Thicke on his songs “Shooter” (which Robin created in 2003. Wayne just got the rights and Robin to do the song with him) in 2006 and in “Tie My Hands” in 2008. Then Robin Thicke featured Lil’ Wayne on his song “Pretty Little Heart” in 2012. I say this because an r&b or hip-hop song about girls with a feature on it is more than likely going to receive more mainstream play because that’s what the public wants. Aside from program directors, they are largely responsible for what garbage gets played by requesting them

    • @Jab: I’m pretty sure that song is making fun of the average male club/party goer and [their ]ridiculously oversized ego. Robin Thicke virtually portrays this because it’s funny. You might be reading far too into it.

      • The song is about Robin Thicke’s wife who is usually very proper in public. Robin Thicke explained this when it came out and has said it at every interview where the subject matter of the song comes up.

  4. It’s pretty cool that you put these up each year, but the people in the comments spelling things like “are you serious?” Like “r u srs?” Won’t even bother to read this, but I enjoy reading these. Keep up the good work Buckley!!

  5. Loved the video – was expecting to see Avril Lavigne’s “Here’s To Never Growing Up” on the list somewhere but hey, can’t say what was on the list was any better.

  6. Great video!

    I am literally laughing my ass off… sorry! Some might say, that watching your video’s are some wierd form of masochism. I never heard of most song on your list’s, so thanks to you, I know a lot more shit music than I ever would. But it puts a smile on my face, knowing someone out there is tearing crap apart. We need more critical thinking!

    Kind regards,

    Jesper Bolo Petersen

    Ps. I really tried hard to use correct gramma. Writing this reply, made me more nervous than any essay I wrote. You put fear and laughter in my heart! I hope, that english being my second language, is a good excuse.

    • Rachel Nicole Says:

      I’m guessing if you haven’t heard of half the songs he listed, its because you listen to older music or some actual good quality music lol. I know what you mean though…never thought I would know so much about shitty music in 25 minutes 😛

  7. I was incredibly sirprised Eminem didn’t make the list

    • Ryan Coursey Says:

      Why? Berzerk was a good old school rap rock song, and Rap God was a good technical where Eminem showed off his ability to rap. The beat may have been meh in some people eyes, but it wasn’t bad. Survival was just a meh song that wasn’t anything special, but wasn’t bad either and Monster has a decent message and really comes down to how you feel about Rihanna.

      • Eminem’s new album is thoroughly polarizing in my opinion. I just don’t know if I like it or not. I like the opener though, “Bad Guy” even if it’s kind of a ripoff of some of the songs off the first MMLP. As for the ten worst songs video, for anyone who has watched it……..was I the only one who cracked up in hysterical laughter when Buckley showed that article of Kesha saying she wanted to “resurrect” rock music? Haha oh man that is rich. The rest of the video is good too. Although, I might’ve had that weird ass “acapella” song number 1. Anyway, another great video.

  8. Loved your video!
    I feel like I am the only crazy one who hates songs with repetetive lyrics that have no meaning but your videos and comments show that I am not alone.

    Wish you the best from Estonia!

  9. Thanks for a great list. Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  10. Tammy James Says:

    I love how honest you are
    It’s simple incredulous
    You define every aspect to your fullest capacity
    You structure accurately
    You also point out things many people have noticed
    Music is a dying art
    It’s gotten to the point where it’s characteristics are sex,money and rebellion
    I hated We Can’t Stop
    I would sing the parody everytime someone sang the original
    I get that she broke away from disney but for the love of ever forgiving god why does she have to act that way
    Is that how you plan to make money?
    Drake is a different story I don’t care for him
    YOLO is incredibly ridiculous
    shouldn’t it be LFYM (learn from your mistakes) or SIK ( success is key)
    Or shouldn’t it just be common sense
    Its not like people wake up and say “Hmmm how many lives do I have left?”
    ‘Life is no Nintendo game’ like a hardworking man once said
    We don’t get unlimited lives
    We don’t die and resurrect with some upbeat theme music

  11. Tammy James Says:

    But thank you for another great video
    I wish you a bright and prosperous new year
    And hopefully more shitty music for you to give a well deserved Dose of Buckley
    Love you ♥

  12. I’m surprised Will.I.Am – Scream ‘n’ Shout ft. Britney Spears wasn’t on the list, then again I’m unsure of how highly the atrocity peaked. All I know was it was ridiculously overplayed in England.

  13. I loved the list (even though I liked some of the songs). Funny once again. Would’ve loved to see Blurred Lines on there but no problem. Your vids are great and great job once again!

  14. I really like your video, i had been waiting for it to come out for months, you’re probably not going to see this, but i just wanted to tell you how a great comedian you are and that i appreciate your funniness :3

  15. I am surprised that Maejor Ali – Lolly ft. Juicy J & Justin Bieber because Maejor sounds like he is having voice cracks at the end of every sentience, juicy j raps about bands and racks like what he did in bandz a make her dance, and Justin raps about he shoes and his car and watching netflix with girls and how this song is so much like whistle and how the song is just about blow jobs and trying to get ti to number one…

  16. I wonder what he’d have to say about 23 by Mike Will Made it.

  17. As Miley said REPEATLY we are free to say,move and all other bullshitto do what we want to…the songs quite catchy to people. I spent all summer listening to that stupid song.

  18. Buckley first of all love your work… OK I have no idea how North America charts took “I can’t believe it” if it’s shit as you say and that’s the reason for it not being on the list that’s fine(Australia fucking loved it). and as I’m writing this I’m realising that bubble butt is a far worse song about arses than it also. But the two most useless wastes of air time in hip hop teaming up, not really a stolen beat, a shit Michael Jackson reference that sounds like pit bull didn’t get a bubble yum bum and well just flo rida… Can you at least tell me you tried to make it funny, like link it in with bubble butt and get a sir-mix-alot reference in there. Say how a one hit wonder from the 90s who is probably bankrupt or dead wrote a far superior song about arses over 20 years ago and didn’t make it because of his exceptional competition at the time, while these two drooling mouth breathers and all those other fucks make more money than Zaire or something like that…

  19. Juliette bergeron Says:

    I genrerally agree with you on your choices for the worst songs of 2013 but “blurred lines” message of taking advantage of a girl was pretty obvious and should have been #1 on the list. Also,I feel bad that i you see this comment you’ll just take it as another hater comment and I’ll just be another person whose opinion doesnt matter.I really am a fan but i just find that you often don’t take criticism well and act like a grammar nazi to your “haters”.

    • Ryan Coursey Says:

      Well when his “haters” have the intelligence of illiterate 4-year-old hobos, he’s allowed to correct their grammar or make fun of them for it. Also, I’ve never seen him take genuine criticism badly.

      • Juliette Bergeron Says:

        Doesnt really justify acting like a grammar nazi towards them.Some of them have trouble writing without making any mistakes.Making mistakes every once in a while doesnt mean your opinion is invalid.

    • Rachel Nicole Says:

      That may be true, but when it happens repeatedly in one typed out thing…I can see why he would grammar Nazi the hell out of them…and yes, that could easily be how you perceive Blurred Lines to be, but if you go look up some of the interviews he has done about it, he talks about what the song is really about…maybe before passing judgement on something you should research it first…

    • …um, Blurred Lines is about Robin Thicke’s wife. I thought everyone knew that long before Dec 2013.

      If you know that it is about his wife then the song reads differently and the message is not about rape or taking advanatage of people.

      If you don’t know that and are just bashing something without knowing about it… I guess.. that makes.. you the hater?

      ….That is what hating is, right?

      I hope you take his criticism well and decide to do a little research (like a google search: “What is blurred lines about?”) before making decisions and commenting

  20. LOL Buckley
    I watch all of your videos and I don’t even care if a song that I like is on one of your “worst songs” list because it’s just so damn hilarious

  21. Freedom also came out this year which is another nicki song. Why we can’t stop for number 1 tho. Did u listen to bangerz. And you thought nicki put annoying sounds in her songs. Or how about applause. That song makes me want to shoot myself. Yeash!!

  22. Thanks for another great list! Totally agree with all but one, not that you will care or even read this, however if you did research on Karmin you would know they are goofy in ALOT of what they do. That was the point of the horrible “falsetto” part. I have never heard any white girl rap as well as Amy from Karmin. She puts a lot of other rappers to shame, male or female, black or white. Again, I know you don’t care, but just saying. Love ya anyway!!! Keep up the good work!

  23. Dominic Bond Says:

    I feel that Pitbull feat Kesha – Timber, should have been on the list. But I’m not going to complain as it is a matter of Buckley’s opinion on what he puts on the list. I found the list to be very accurate of what the worst songs of this year have been, delivered in a humorous manner, and for that thank you Buckley.

  24. Arnold Palmer Says:

    Music this year was…eh. Most of it was boring, easy listening, that nothing good or bad could be said about it.

    Buckley, I usually don’t rely on you when it comes to music; at heart you’re a comedian, and you have a very good sense of what’s bullshit and what’s not. There are others who can give more in depth reviews and are not as jaded as you are. However, you always provide top notch content, and that is all I ask for. Keep up the amazing work.


    Brainless Egg

  25. You had me at “Oh, Father O’Malley, don’t touch me there…”!

  26. Buckley, I love you! Greetings from Bosnia and Hercegovina

  27. Hi Buckley, I just really wanted to thank you. You make my day every time I watch your videos. You are so amazing. Keep going 🙂

  28. Buckley, you are SO hilarious!!
    I watch at least one of your videos every week and even if you say negative things about a song I like it is still funny!
    I agree that We Can’t Stop is one of the stupidest songs I have ever heard. When my dad heard that song on the radio he asked me if Miley Cyrus had been admitted to the hospital yet.

  29. Buckley,

    First off, I was loving the video as I normally do until I got to the Honorable Mentions section.
    Couldn’t we give Fall Out Boy a mulligan and leave them out of the video altogether? Obviously “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light’em Up) wasn’t a masterpiece, but ‘Save Rock and Roll’ was their comeback record , they had to get comfortable writing songs together once again after being on hiatus fora few years. And it’s not like they were awful before their hiatus. I mean, they gave us a ton of classics and a few great albums. Mentioning them in the same breath as Cher Lloyd and Icona Pop seems a bit unfair..
    Also, the longest song name joke was a bit irrelevant as neither Panic! at the Disco, nor Fall Out Boy really does that anymore, with this being the exception. Plus, tell me “I Slept With Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me” doesn’t make up for the fact that it took me a minute to type it out. Anyways, keep up the good stuff and thanks for hearing me out.

  30. curly pubes Says:

    You tell em Buckley. Don’t ever change or stop ranting, you cynical bastard. We love you.

  31. I don’t know why he said in the description that Nicki Minaj’s “Champion” sucks cause that song is actually great, and Nas did his thing. I have to admit some of ms. Minaj’s past works aren’t great but that sing is actually good, he must just really hate her

    • Nicki Minaj has a song called “Champion”? I think you misread what I wrote. I said she was last year’s “champion”, I put that in quotes because it’s not exactly a win for her, she had a 4-way tie with herself for the worst song of 2012.

  32. “And for those of you bitching about it being a song about rape… you’re reading too much into it.” Because “I know you want it” or any variation of this sentence are not a rapists’ favorite. You’re right. Women around the world are reading too much into it. So are victims of rape and sexual assault.

  33. Another job well done,Adam. Although,I was expecting 23 by Miley Cyrus and some other singerer/rapper. Now you’ve got me looking forward to 2014.

  34. Hey Buckley!
    I want to thank you. Your videos are sooo hilarious. I TOTALLY agree with you. Miley Cyrus’ ‘I Can’t Stop’ is really an awful song, but in my opinion, there are even worse ones!!!
    But it’s your list, perhaps i will do my own.
    Again: thank you for another year of antertainment!!! 😉
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year 🙂

  35. I literally died of laughing
    (got the jocke???
    now you got it, right??? NO? What’s wrong with you?? Are you that stupid?? What, you finally got it?? You’re great!!!! ;))

  36. You should review fuck that bitch by that guy? I frogot his name x’D

  37. SystemSOAD Says:

    Not only was Blurred Lines a Top-40 song, it is now a big hit in Urban Contemptary. Which makes sense because it sounds like any other Urban song.

  38. Alex Stewart Says:

    Dear Buckley,
    I love your videos, and agreed to everything on the list (except number 6 because I’m a slave to catchy songs) but I did have one question. Do you like Eminem? Or can’t find anything funny to say about him? Or do you have no opinion? Thanks for your time.

  39. What about Applause by Lady Gaga? The lyrics are awful.

  40. Nick Loder Says:

    I was really expecting “Marry Me” by Jason Derulo to be on the list.

  41. Sysphearan Says:

    You have earned my HIGHEST respect!

  42. Ethan Brzezinski Says:

    Homie your videos are funny and the part where you said father o’malley don’t touch me there and fuck me sideways killed me

  43. I agree with everything you have to say about shitty music. I was surprised to see ni flo rida, even though you said “I’m glad to know there’s at least one spot taken up on my top ten list every year.” then I read this and I understand. I also thought you’d’ve had Nikki Manaj on here, but then I thought, “did she even release anything this year?” I actually think all the songs you have on here belong. thanks for sharing your thoughts with everyone.

  44. Ok Buckley i’m sorry to do this but where in the fuck is Roar, Rap God, Wrecking Ball or Hard Out Here?

  45. The Blurred Lines thing: It’s not that hard to read rape undertones in the song’s lyrics, you know. I wouldn’t call that “reading too much into it.” I mean, what else could it be about? Robin’s bad cooking?

    • It’s about Robin Thicke’s own wife who is known for being stuck up and proper in public. She was not happy with the song.

      He said so himself when the song was released…. that’s been pretty common knowledge.

  46. Dear Buckley, or whatever your real name is. I understand that you make these videos for entertainment and for your fans, like me, but it’s not like any of these stars give a crap about what you have to say about their songs. They make millions off of one and know people will buy it, so why waste your time giving lectures on something you will not change?

  47. Dear Buckley, or whatever the hell your real name is. I’m not here to ask you why a certain song didn’t make the list or congratulate you on what a tremendous job you did. I’m here for one reason and for one reason only. Why do you never posts pictures of yourself and why don’t you ever reveal your real name? I mean I can understand if not you real name, but not a picture. Strange, but not my business. Reply if you want on my email, not that I check it often, but it’s up to you. I know people who write to you are so worried about punctuation , but I’m not because your another person like me. Even if you we’re famous, your still just a person. That’s just about all I felt the need to say. Not sure how to end this, so I’ll just say bye. Bye or whatever.

    • “Why do you never posts pictures of yourself and why don’t you ever reveal your real name?”
      My name is Buckley. And why don’t I post pictures of myself? Are you looking for some mirror selfies for jerk material? I’ve appeared in a number of my videos.

      • Don’t flatter yourself, sir. Ha, just jesting you.

        I love that you actually speak about topics with some intelligence, but I fear that you sometimes rant just for the sake of it. If it means anything to you, you’ve got an excellent base for yourself entertainment-wise, and I’d hate to that change. Best of luck, and hope to hear more from you in the future.

  48. OMFG we laugh our asses off every time we watch your videos. Your so funny and make very valid points on why these songs made the list some i disagreed with at first, then i heard you out. I agree on what you said and laughed my ass off. Keep making these videos!!!!

  49. Would have loved to have seen Katy “Thieving Bitch” Perry make the list. Since she does not have one creative brain cell in her body, she has to steal segments from all other artists (without giving proper credit) to mix it all together and call it an original.

  50. I say, Buckley you are a genious. Buckley for president.
    I bet Lookin’ ass niggas is going to be on the 2014 list, i’m sure of it.
    Keep up the good work bro.

  51. Lorde. “Royals.” Since most of her fans make a fuss about her “amazing” talent on “song writing”, it must be said it is amongst pop cultures most overrated and talent-misrepresented song of 2013. The words of the song are very, very simple and basic, and when it comes to actual Song Writing and talent, we MUST look at what the lyrics did for the rest of the songs composition: in this case, nothing. Musically or instrumentally, it was all boring and tedious, which reflects a “song writers” talent or lack of. There is nothing “fresh” about the song nor her voice. An honest and responsible listener KNOW when they hear and see actual Song Writing talent, and such “amazing” talent does not come that easy. Great talents, as talent is reflected by their OVERALL music, are Metallica, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Iron Maiden, Guns & Roses, maybe a few others, then there are the ones close behind like Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Sade, Prince, Sound Garden, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, and some more. THIS. IS. TALENT. Not Lorde nor any of her songs. I kind of liked her at first until people started calling her a genius, “amazing” talent, and such feeble terms, no doubt all do to, and no thanks to, pop culture stupidity.

    • I forgot to mention: the “hits” from some…Demi Lovoto: that’s some pretty generic music. While Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” is nonsense, and so are most of the ones you mention on your worst lists, you can’t possibly deny the total cheap and generic music of Demi Lovoto.

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