An Open Letter to The Amazing Atheist and Scotty of the Drunken Peasants Podcast

Hello Amazing Atheist and Scotty (I don’t know if you have a cool little nickname, I’ve never heard of you before this, so forgive me for using your first name if that’s not what you normally go by). I’m Buckley.

Recently, your podcast featured a segment where you dissected a video of mine, my 4/20 video from 2013. This resulted in a bunch of people from your audience tweeting me and asking me to watch it, and although I generally don’t watch other things on YouTube (I’ve been aware of the Amazing Atheist for some time but I’ve never actually watched any of your videos), being the narcissist that I am (it’s a video about me!), I suffered through the 15 or 20 minutes of you guys stopping and starting my video to call me an idiot and to make disparaging remarks about my success, with the Amazing Atheist going so far as to tell his audience that they have to choose between himself or me because he doesn’t want subscribers who are also subscribed to me. Considering you are partnered and you make money off of your channel, I would consider this a bad idea from a business standpoint, but I assume this statement was made a) in the heat of the moment, and b) to make you seem like you “don’t care” (edgy = cool!), so I won’t dwell on it further. Since your video was posted, I’ve had a few requests (which my audience should know I don’t take) to come onto your show and debate you, with you referencing these requests in your most recent podcast.

I have no interest in coming on your show or debating you anywhere for a number of reasons:

  1. Any intelligent person should know better than to fight someone on their own turf. The deck is stacked right from the beginning. As I told some guy who has tweeted me pretty much every day since you discussed me on your show, the challenger to the President doesn’t go debate him at the White House with his own people as moderators.
  2. I have no interest in some sort of petty Internet “feud” (for me, this ends at the end of this letter)
  3. I have no interest appearing on a show where you will profit from my appearance. Your “Drunken Peasants” podcast appears to have no fewer than 5 ads in a 2 hour period, as well as a persistent ad throughout for things such as Audible. For me to come on the show, and presumably tell my audience about it so they’ll watch, in order for you to make extra money off my appearance, is not something I’m interested in
  4. There is no actual reason to debate (either on your show or anywhere). What we have is a difference of opinion, and neither of us repeating ourselves over and over will change those opinions

Let’s focus on #4, since it’s really the most important reason. In my 420 video, the part that you seem to have the biggest issue with is that I refer to “addicts” as “pieces of shit”. This isn’t a “debatable” topic, this is my opinion based on knowing addicts and being around substance abusers in the past. Alcoholics, people who smoke weed, did coke, I knew a guy who fucking loved Special K (and I’m not talking about the breakfast cereal), my opinions don’t come from living a sheltered life. I will defend you from my fans or the “trolls” or whoever it is you said claimed that you didn’t understand me… you understood me alright. I believe that addicts are weak and pathetic, and that people who smoke weed and celebrate the fact that they are addicted to a substance are no exception, regardless of how harmless you believe it to be. If I knew someone who couldn’t make it through the day without putting rainbow stickers all over their body and then barking at a parking meter, I would feel the same way, despite the fact that it doesn’t harm them or anyone else and is easier to quit than other activities. And just as you have the right to do what you want, I have the right to speak that opinion. That’s what’s great about living in North America. Land of the free, home of the entitled.

I believe that people who enjoy the odd joint or a glass of wine every now and then are fine, but if a person feels the need to smoke weed or drink alcohol or take any sort of substance in order to enjoy themselves more or to get through a day, that they are pathetic. I worked with a guy who literally could not go through a day without getting high while at work. He had no medicinal reason for this, he was suffering from no afflictions, he simply felt that he couldn’t make it through a day without smoking weed. It’s my opinion that this person is a pathetic loser. You don’t feel this way, and made that very clear. You feel that a person shouldn’t be judged if they feel the need to get drunk or high on a daily or perhaps even hourly basis. I feel differently. What’s left to debate? Why we feel the way we do? Neither of us are psychologists (unless Scotty has a PhD, again I don’t know who he is), so that is pointless. There are numerous potential reasons including values taught in the home, values taught at school, the people we grew up around, the choices we’ve made as adults, the choices other influential adults made while we were children, and we aren’t going to sort that out in between ads for whatever bullshit YouTube is trying to sell so you can make a few extra dollars while I appear on your show as you both take turns attempting to make me look foolish in front of your audience.

If it makes you feel better, since one of your issues is that I attack people using narcotics and alcohol at home by themselves, I think it’s equally pathetic for people to go out with friends and get high or wasted every night. It may also make you feel better to know that I think weed should be legalized and taxed the same way that cigarettes and alcohol are. As a Canadian who enjoys government health care, more tax dollars means more Doctors which means less time waiting for appointments. And since marijuana supposedly has no health risks (and is believed to be some sort of miracle cure by some misguided individuals), those tax dollars won’t be utilized by the weed smokers who are just in their homes not bothering anyone, being all healthy and whatnot. Your weakness is my next free physical!

I’m actually not even sure why you’re offended by me calling junkies pathetic (or by me calling substance abusers, which you both freely admitted to being, “junkies”). Why do you care? Who am I? My opinion is meaningless, right? According to you guys I’m some guy who shouldn’t even have the subscribers I have, so what difference does it make? Some nobody called you pathetic. Here’s an example: I like to read comics. I bet that somewhere today, someone called someone else who reads comics “pathetic”. You know what I didn’t do? Spend 20 minutes on the Internet crying about it, and then try and goad them into a debate about why they feel my hobby is “pathetic”. That’s their opinion and they’re welcome to it. I’m still going to read comics, and they’re still going to be judgmental about it, and we’ll both continue living our lives, meaningless as they are, until we’re dead and ascend to the kingdom of heaven or descend to the pits of hell (hah, no I’m kidding, we rot in the ground or get burned and stuffed in a jar. Hooray for common ground, right?)

Oh, and Scotty (I feel like I’m leaving you out a little here), since you ummed and awwed about my point about marijuana not actually being natural and compared it to vegetables not being “natural” anymore (GMOs, pesticides, whatever), I thought I’d take a moment to tell you that I’m very well aware of that and don’t give a shit. It’s things like that that make people say you were “strawmanning” me. “Man, I’ve totally got him!” (now I’m doing it…) “all those vegetables he eats, he probably thinks they’re natural, so he’s just a fucking hypocrite!” Yep! You got me! Man! I see things so clearly now! I honestly don’t know what you meant to accomplish there, but I regret to inform you that whatever result you intended didn’t come to fruition.

So, there will be no debate. It would be pointless; no one’s minds will be changed, nothing will be learned, and nothing will be gained (besides revenue for you). Our opinions on the subject of substance abuse are what they are, and nothing will change them.

I wish you continued success with your YouTube channel(s).


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  1. Wow, always a gem when I hear of Buckley posting new stuff here. I must admit, that I chuckled and smiled the entire time reading this. Great writing. Look forward to your next video as well.

  2. So you’re set for next Sunday. All you have to do is read this aloud because let’s face it, most teenagers (whom you have stated are a reasonable portion of your audience) aren’t going to read this because it is a “long” article. Since they won’t read it this will pass as new content. See you on Sunday, or maybe you’ll make a separate video I dunno maybe landing on a comet will still be important in 3 days from when this is posted.

    • This Sunday’s video will be something else entirely. Comet landings are probably a lot more important than what I’ve got planned for this week, but I think people will enjoy it anyway.

    • I mean, you’re silly. Clearly a slighter portion of people will read this than watch the videos but I highly doubt that the kind of people watching Buckley’s content at any age is passing up an article because it’s “long”. More like it’s “out of my way and I’m busy”.

  3. Keep doing your thing Buckley! The Amazing Atheist is a cringey moron anyway.

  4. This is why Buckley is one of my very favorite people on the internet. Instead of really bashing The Amazing Atheist, he just made a bunch of awesome points, and even wished him success. I can’t think of many people who would be this classy about it.

    • TheDebatheist Says:

      What a sycophant.

      The points were absolute AIDS, (to which TAA has already addressed in a reply to Buck).

      The closing paragraph was one of the most shameful summaries that I have ever read of a “rebuttal” (Yet more condescending remarks in an attempt to end the discussion. That everyone is close-minded, and that he doesn’t think he can put forward good enough arguments to change minds)

      Most of all though? Classy? He’s a disingenuous fuck! It’s like shitting on someone’s meal then saying, “Good day to you sir”. It’s not said with the least bit of sincerity. It’s horseshit dressed up in mildly eloquent language, and it shocks me that so many people fall for it. This is the VERY SAME guy that thinks addicts are pieces of shit, or those that have any sort of dependency. (or if I’m wrong there, SOME dependencies, but not others. How laughably arbritrary.) Heck, he even shat on people who drink alone, as TAA has professed to doing.

      Get a grip and analyse what’s been said, rather than the way it was said. Fuckkkin’ A.

      • I like how you tried to use big words to seem smart, but still came off as a whining 13 year old who was just told One Direction sucks.

      • I am sure that Buckley did not mean that he wouldn’t debate because he couldn’t argue his point well when he said, “There are numerous potential reasons [we feel the way that we do]… and we aren’t going to sort that out in between ads for whatever bullshit YouTube is trying to sell…”. The conclusion at the end included an abridged version of this earlier point. As most conclusions tend to do, each point was summarised into a short fragment to refresh the audience on each important facet of the full argument. The full argument and the reasoning behind each consecutive point was, of course, in the article. Focusing on just the conclusion removes any sound reasoning from the argument because no evidence is presented in the conclusion, and this invalidates your own argument because you aren’t considering any of the forwarded evidence.
        And then there are clarity issues. Like this bit: “It’s not said with the least bit of sincerity. It’s horseshit…it shocks me that so many people fall for it.” What are you talking about? Really, what are you talking about? Where is your antecedent? You never identify what ‘it’ is, you just keep saying that ‘it’ is some action that Buckley should be shamed for.
        And then you get to the caps lock. Yes. He thinks addicts are pieces of shit. You never say anything to the effect of why his opinion is wrong. Because it’s selective? Some opinions can be selective, like “killing ants is okay, but killing dogs is not.” And just because the Amazing Atheist “professed to doing” something doesn’t make it okay.
        There. I just analysed what’s been said. You come back when you can say it correctly.

      • It appears to me that *you’re* the one misinterpreting things here.
        You’re essentially assuming that Buckley was being condescending and disguising it because that’s how you expect him to feel, and you’re bending his words and reading somewhat erroneously between the lines to try and justify that claim. And I am left to assume that TAA did the same.
        In Buckley’s last paragraph, I have a feeling he was trying to send more of a “we’re both really stubborn” vibe than a “everyone is close-minded, and I can put forward good enough arguments to change minds” vibe. The problem with the argument between TAA and ABoD is that both may have logical arguments, but they’re both based on opposing opinions, so any argument will be dismissed on the grounds of “I disagree with your philosophy.”
        I could not find any huge, glaring flaws anywhere else within Buckley’s response, and you didn’t point any out (besides the admittedly questionable “I wish you both success,” which is minor enough to be dismissed) so I’m just going to dismiss this comment as a pitiful, blind attempt by a TAA fanboy to take the ADoB fanboys down.

      • Apparently the Debateheist didn’t fully read the whole thing and just read parts and made that comment. Great Job Buckley on that professional address and I look forward to watching your future videos

  5. Buckley, everybody knows that you would own this Amazing Atheist character, every day, all day, and twice on Sunday. I wouldn’t give this AA jerk the sweat from the bottom of my balls, much less ‘debate’. I don’t think it would take you very long to dismantle this guy though. And if you do decide to go head to head, Mama said knock him out!

  6. Proper spelling and grammar. No wall of text. Comprehensible train of thought. Whiny, but that’s just how it is with these things. Only a couple logical oversights to weaken the post.

    This is significantly more well thought out than most responses to TAA. There’s a reasonable chance that your videos are worth watching, I’ll have to find out.

    • ^this fuckin guy XD

    • like buckle gives 2 shits whether you watch his videos of not, or if you deem them “worth watching”

      • Chill out you sycophant. Been watching Buckley for about three years but holy crap, your ass needs to take a chill pill

    • They certainly are. If you enjoy witty sarcastic humour then Buckley is the best channel to be subscribed to. I would not have said the tone of the response was whiny; he defended his point of view whilst extending the olive branch of ‘fuck it’.

  7. Joseph Steven Angeles Says:

    I honestly find the AA pathetic. Bitching about someone else’s opinion and providing really no valid points and calling them an idiot is pathetic. Great article, you were very mutual in the way you wrote. AA if you’re reading do us all a favor and grow up instead of acting like a 5year old where all you do is make fun of someone in a “debate.”

    • TheDebatheist Says:

      “I honestly find the AA pathetic. Bitching about someone else’s opinion and providing really no valid points and calling them an idiot is pathetic.”

      Because shaming people with physiological or psychological dependencies isn’t pathetic at all, right?

      Buckley’s opinion is arbitrary as fuck, and TAA explained that. He’s also made an open letter reply to aDoB, refuting 3 of the 4 dire points made in this blog (the monetary one is almost impossible to counter. It’s true that they’d make money off aDoB’s appearance. No shit.)

      Maybe you should spend less time denouncing people as pathetic, and addressing the content instead? That goes for yourself, and Buckley btw.

      • Sorry, but unless someone was forced to shoot up, I have no sympathy for them. They knew what they were getting into. Then they steal to support their habit. Please.

      • Max Acetoxy Says:

        Also to note most guests gain more exposure and subscribers, but I guess he knew his opinion was probably quite harsh and exaggerated (I hope anyway). Calling all people who use drugs the things he did was pretty nasty so he would come across as a heretic. As someone who has worked in a rehab for multiple years I know most people who have drug issues don’t want to be living that lifestyle, they’re very ill, incredibly ill at times, I lost one of my best friends a few months ago due to his addiction and he was a very nice guy, he was from a mega rich millionaire family too with a perfect upbringing, so it can happen to the best of people.

        While I respect anyone’s opinion (or at least their right to say it, even if it’s ignorant and hateful) and do not think I am 100% right about anything I just have my perspective, I think Buckley was overly harsh in some of the things he said.

        Yeah drugs and Alcohol turn some people into fucking pieces of shit, and some people are that without substance abuse. But I have watched people get well and change many times over, and when you’re in the madness of addiction it’s hard to realise how ill you’re if you’re ever unfortunate enough to get to that dark place. It’s a cure which becomes the cause, a cure for typically people who find life too hard and are prone to this horrible affliction, they like other people with similar addiction related issues have a stigma attached to their mental health problem, and need sympathy, understanding and major professional help. Shaming them and saying nasty things will just make them worse.

        I could write an essay on this, but I’m sure it’s possible you’ll find something to disagree on, that’s cool. I just thought I’d throw my opinion into the mix as I just randomly stumbled upon this and thought I was someone who was somewhat qualified to put fourth a little more educated opinion across on this serious public health concern which really needs instead of being a criminal justice issue, that should be replaced with rehabilitation which would in turn help more people, stop wasting money on prison which doesn’t help people with addiction issues (maybe indirectly on rare occasions), and stop ruining addicts futures so they’re stuck in their cycle of destruction.

        Thanks if you read all of this, I hope someone gains something from this.

  8. I am still subscripted to both channel and there’s nothing Amazing Atheist can do about it. Fuck Ya, this is the internet.

  9. You never cease to amaze me Buckley. Keep doing what you do oh so right, because you have a subscriber for life over here.

  10. BlueYonder Says:

    The Amazing Atheist is an egotistical twat who doesn’t have a fraction of Buckley’s comedic talent. Trying to debate with an arsehole like that would just be exhausting; ending it here was the best solution.

  11. John Clapham Says:

    I think you’re missing the big picture, Buckley.

    The point of The Drunken Peasants is to dissect and talk about things they disagree with. we both are in agreement over that. But it seems to me you’re taking it somewhat personally.

    you mentioned in this letter several times that you and him have a difference of opinion, and that as if him dissecting your video is somehow inherently wrong.

    Your letter gives me the impression you feel like he’s trying to stifle you and your view or something. I don’t think that’s the case. He is not trying to rob you of your right to present your opinion, nor is he trying to convince you your opinion is wrong.

    A video was presented to him with very different ideals to his own, and he made his dissent on those views known.

    It could be your video, or someone else. The Drunken Peasants Podcast’s audience is of like minded people to TJ and Scotty and Ben, so it would Make sense for them to pull in videos that have different views than them to knock them down.

    As i said, i think you’re taking it a little too personally. Lots of people are of the belief that people who are addicted to drugs are pathetic, myself included…it’s not that unique of an opinion. They could have Equally likely have pulled a news article of someone who felt that way, or some stuffed suit saying the same thing.

    They don’t have a problem with Buckley, they have a problem with anyone who has the view that recreational drug users are shit.

    Anyways, that’s my two cents.

    You’re both pretty swell guys in my books.

    -John Clapham

    • I definitely don’t feel that him dissecting my video is wrong. I think that’d make me a huge hypocrite.

      Trying to goad me into a debate is the issue I have. There is no debate. I made a video where I clearly state my opinion. He made a video where he kind of stated his opinions (but probably should have scripted it because it came with a lot of stammering and name-calling and very few if any valid points other than him being offended that I essentially call him “pathetic”). What’s the point of debating when we’re just going to repeat ourselves? I’ll tell you what the point is: so he can make more money by pumping out another video full of ads, and at the same time, attempt to draw another person’s audience to his channel(s).

      • Buckley, I feel like the last point you made there was a pretty cynical way of looking at the situation to say the least. I doubt they invited you to join them on the show to help themselves to a lovely slice of your audience or anything like that. They invite absolutely everyone whose videos they dissect to go on the show at some point, and that is including channels with next to no subscribers. For example, they have had a number of crazy reptialian-conspiracy theorists on the show who are beyond obscure and would not attract a single new viewer.

        They challenge everyone with a differing opinion to go on the show and discuss whatever topic is being disagreed on, and they are extremely accomodating and friendly towards guests if they do come on.

        Hell, recently they had some creationst YouTuber on the show with a less than favourable past with TJ and yet the pair had a very civilized and fair debate.

        I understand if you don’t care for going on their show, and I don’t mean to sound like a Drunken Peasants fanboy or anything. I am subscribed to your channel and theirs, and I certainly won’t be choosing between you both (which was a comment not to be taken entirely seriously, by the way).

        Have a good day.

      • The Amazing Atheist has debated people in the past in their show, and they have been more than fair to them, I know that’s not the idea you would get from their response to your video, but it’s the truth, it’s just how their show works, they react to videos in an inflammatory manner mostly for the sake of entertainment, but in the debates TAA is surprisingly level-headed, because it’s the place in a discussion where nuance can be had (as opposed to just reacting to a video where there is no interaction possible), that’s the point of having a debate after all
        Also a debate is not about changing the other party’s opinion and when you say something like “I think addicts are pathetic pieces of shit, and that’s all there is to my opinion” your are missing the point, and it’s just intelectually dishonest in my view, if that’s your response you may as well have not responded at all, because when I watched The Drunken Peasants that night I was like “hey, perhaps you guys are misconstruing his arguments a little bit, he may have a valid point there” but your post makes me think I was wrong

      • John Smith Says:

        If I was a woman, I would have your babies.

  12. I read the whole damn thing in Buckley’s voice.

    • I do the same thing when I read smutty fan fiction. That ‘essence of Buckley’ just adds something special to all reading material.

  13. I am a DP viewer and watch every episode. I do agree with you on the marijuana point. I think if you smoke occasionally that’s fine and it should be legalized and treated in the same way alcohol and tobacco are. Although it is less harmful than smoking inhaled tobacco (cigars, pipes excluded because of lack of inhalation.) it does have its own set of variables as far as health risks. It is in my opinion that you are correct here, although I do believe you would get your say on a debate with the DP cast. I’ve seen many of their debates (actual debates, not the call-and-screw around) and they have been fair and even found common ground before. I understand that you choose not to (or aren’t able to, either way) be partnered with youtube through Google AdSense, but I wouldn’t use that against someone. If you are getting high traffic you will have ads either way, so why not capitalize on it and take your share from it instead of being used by Google for ad revenue. I respect and agree mostly with your opinions and in the last podcast TJ did say that he was not being serious with the subscription ultimatum. I think the severity and overstatement of their opinions are part of the entertainment value of the show. I’d appreciate a reply if you have time, I’d like to hear what you think of my statement. Feel free to email me (if you can see my email from the form) if you want to discuss anything at length.

  14. What a cunt.

  15. Wow, I tried watching these guys and couldn’t even make it through the whole section about you. They had no valid points at all and although your channel is entirely you voicing your opinion, they seem to think no one wants to hear It or you are not allowed to voice it. Glad you keep so calm about this stuff Buckley, you really know how to handle criticism. Can’t wait for your next video 🙂

    • Hawslucha Says:

      I had the same issue. I don’t understand how any person can stare at their screen for 2 1/2 hours and listen to these halfwit cretins yell over each other and the content they’re “dissecting”. They make no real argument, and prove themselves to be about as understanding and intelligent as a wet potato.

  16. This is a piece of art. Bravo to you Buckley

  17. Dude, if you think you are intelligent because you wont go on “their turf” to debate, then youre completly blind to your own stupidity. Furthermore, its NONE of your fucking business what other people want to do or celibrate in their spare time.

    • No, you’re right, it would be really really intelligent of me to go onto another person’s show where they have total control, where they can mute me or cut me off whenever they want, where there’s two of them (I’m told maybe even three) talking over me, and where they can later go back and edit whatever they want for their highlight reels. You’re right, I’m a fucking idiot, I should just do those things, then I’ll be smart.

      As for it being none of my business, you do realize how hypocritical it is to use that argument while chastising me, right? It’s none of your business how I spend my time either, so if I want to spend it being an asshole on the Internet to people, how is that any of your business?

      • Actually, Buckley’s right. All TAA wants to do is make money, he’s a shit starter. And all Buckley is doing is saying no. Plus, if I may add, it’s kind of likely that TAA will edit things to make himself look better, most of his videos are proof of that.

      • Bruce Hampton Says:

        aDoseOfBuckley has over 502,016 subscribers and the Drunken Peasants has 47,348 subscribers. END OF DEBATE!

      • And Amazing Atheist has 624,843 subscribers. What’s your point?

    • Hypocrite

  18. Fuck Them, Buck you’ll better than them

  19. Yeah, what awesome points that Buckley is a hateful, bitter, small man.

  20. So, I thought I will watch the video that Buckley has mentioned in this letter. BIG MISTAKE. It didn’t even take me a minute to turn it off. I can’t begin saying how incompetitive and narrow-minded those people are. They sound like dumb teenagers who are inside of adults bodies. And so called fans that watch that bullshit? I looked at their comments and payed extra attention to the grammar. The only way I can describe those “fans” is EEITS. If a none English speaker like me can find errors in the comments of Americans (who’s mother tongue is English), there is certainly a problem.

    • For the record, you’ll find exactly that type of comment on literally every YouTube video that has a decent number of views. You can hardly judge a fanbase by youtube comments since that would make every fanbase of everything that has ever had a fanbase seem like it’s full of complete retards.

    • I was able to watch 8 minutes and probably learned about them as much as you. Should have shutt it off ASAP.

  21. This is what I really like about adoseofbuckley. Hey never says it explicitly but this motherfucker cares a lot about his audience. I mean, of course you see tons of videos of him reacting to the stuff people post on his videos and blogs, but he also pays attention to other things people send him. Obviously he didn’t eagerly await amazing atheist’s video tearing him apart in an ad hominem manner, but his followers sent the link to him. Starting just there would prove the point considering helpful or just posts like these are one in the number of views he gets per video. However, I’m not one to talk, comment, twit, twat, twut, or anything; but I actively listen to his stuff and I asked him just once on his opinion. It wasn’t twenty minutes before he replied with a thought out monologue of it with economic, moral, and pragmatic viewpoints. I feel the need to say this simply because it seems everywhere on the internet, commentors generally “hate on” those they subscribe. And yet, it seems like Buckley’s community always promotes him on his videos and he listens back. I’ve spread his channel to most of my school by now and the general consensus is in agreement. I find it interesting how this letter, really isn’t addressed to those two podcasts at all, really. He’s just once again responding to, rather than them, his audience’s concern. All I have, then, to end is just respect this channel because is seriously dedicated to his work.

  22. “You know what I didn’t do? Spend 20 minutes on the Internet crying about it, and then try and goad them into a debate about why they feel my hobby is “pathetic”.”

    They didn’t do that. They reacted to a video of yours that they found or a fan sent them. That’s it. It’s not like they watched your video and then made a 20 min video on why you’re wrong. They obviously disagreed with your opinion but they never goaded you into a debate. Obviously Tj’s comment about people unsubscribing from one of you guys was in the heat of the moment and not to be taken seriously.

    It was fans of either you or Tj that asked you to come on their show to debate them. The Drunken Peasants never asked you to debate. In the part of the podcast that came later that you linked in this page they responded to you telling (tweeting actually) that you feel you would be treated unfairly. Which wouldn’t have been the case. I mean, they’ve had a few crazy creationists come on their show and even they were never muted or attacked. But anyway, I agree it would be pointless to debate. Personally, I wouldn’t want you to go on the show to debate, but just be a regular guest and comment of videos and news stories as well. There’s nothing to do about the ads of course since that’s how they are supported. Either way, you have good reasons for not going on the show. My point is that you act as if Tj is starting some kind of feud but there was none in the first place. Their issue with you ended with that one video that they commented on in their podcast.

  23. When do they talk about buckley in the video? (Not about to watch that whole thing )


    Tj response. Feel free to read. Unless, you know, you only want to associate with people who agree with you.

    • I read it. It continued to prove why a debate with him on his terms (or on any terms for that matter) would be pointless.

      • After I read it I felt like he was just bitching about you not coming on his show, you have a way with words that makes your reply to him seem classy, where he seems like a whining baby. So took his advice and chose between him and you, and chose you.

      • WTF!?!? You have to joking! He made some very good points that you chose to completely ignore. You fans must be idiots. Not only do you make broad generalizing statements, you flat out ignore everything. So debilitated cancer suffers are pieces of shit junkies, along with amputees? Anyone that smokes as soon as they wake up and everyday must be a scumbag stealing from you, noway there in a medical or recreational state! BTW, marijuana users in no way fit your definition of addiction. I’m surprised you didn’t know, with all your real world experience and all. Try asking an actual heroin junkie if pot is addictive, they will laugh in your face! Irritability and insomnia are NOT signs of physical addiction.
        Then there is you saying that debating on someone else’s turf makes no sense! What!?!? Doesn’t having the best argument win a debate? Try actually saying things that are dangerous about pot, because your video was sad! Your entire argument was that pot smokers are junkies and junkies are bad. The entire video seemed like you were talking about heroin!
        There is organic marijuana, there are clean organic hydroponic fertalizers. There are everyday pot users that grow there own legally and don’t bother you one fucking bit. There are even nonsmoking way’s to ingest marijuana, eating, and vaporizing! You were wrong.

  25. I can’t help but laughing my ass off when he calls somebody a hypocrite.

  26. no, you’re just scared

  27. All I can say is how completely and utterly disappointed I was at TJ (however spur of the moment) comment that viewers have to choose. Badly done TJ, badly done.

  28. Reblogged this on Just Enough Steak and commented:
    Buckley is brilliant!

  29. Wow. That atheist dude and his man toy seem like complete idiots. Its very obvious with their style of videos that they are targeting the cliché stoner/drunk. I love watching long videos but when it’s long due to it being stretched out, then it makes it boring and lazy. Anyway, nothing more to say. Those with half a brain and watched the video will quickly realize how those two fools attacked an Einstein compare to their child like minds.

    • Your are an idiot(yes that is an ad homonym)for what reason would they “target”, “drunks”, “cliché stoners” when they would:

      A) be targeting themselves and the also partake in those activities.

      B) have moronic nitwits like dose of blah blah to pull entertainment from.

      C) Einstein, seriously though GTFO here you gotta be a dick riding fanboy of dose of blah blah

  30. Dear Buckley,
    You’re the shittiest man out there and I love you for that.
    Sincerely buckleyaddict

  31. “TAA will edit things to make himself look better, most of his videos are proof of that.” No, I’ve watched most of the live broadcasts since the beginning, and even the most obnoxious individuals never have thier parts edited out, this is a simple strawman from someone who obviously can’t argue a valid point against TAA and the Drunken Peasants. Just like nearly everyone in this comment section, you are blinded by your pretentious hero, buckley, and his so called wit. Typical, I see no difference between the fans of buckley and the fans of pewdiepie by what I’ve read here, just a bunch of unthinking, uncritical snobs for thier precious youtube star, very sad. Buckley isn’t even the slightest bit funny of clever from my perspective, but even if I did like him, he would at least be allowed some semblence of criticism.

  32. “your comment is awaiting moderation” Wonderful, censor me buckley, as I’m sure you censor anyone who doesnt agree with you, coward. That explains the overly positive comments section. You’re pathetic.

    • #1: Don’t call people cowards when you’re too scared to use your own name or a real e-mail address.
      #2: I have moderation set up because WordPress is notoriously bad for spam.
      #3: You realize that this is my WordPress blog, and so the comments would be “overly positive” because the bulk of the people reading this would be fans of mine? I bet you believe in all sorts of other ridiculous conspiracies though too.

    • DeadKingsRise Says:

      Oh, hey, there’s your comment, right up there. Why, that would mean that Buckley isn’t censoring you… or that he needs to, because honestly, your post did nothing to move this conversation forward. Basically saying what all the other detractors said. Fun fact: I am subscribed to AA and Buckley, so don’t even spout that whiny shit about being “blinded by your hero.”

  33. I only found this because I googled “I hate Drunken Peasants”. This is a great read. Addicts are pieces of shit.

  34. All I got from reading this was blah blah scared blah blah money blah blah weak sauce excuse.

    • Never call someone scared on the Internet when you’re too afraid to give a real name.

      • Maxcoseti Says:

        And people not using their real names makes *you* look less scared because.. reasons?

      • This suggests I looked “scared” in the first place, or that I’m concerned with your perceptions anyway. If you’re some Amazing Atheist Fanboy (the saddest thing I think I’ve ever written), then of course you’re going to believe that I’m “scared” to face him, you probably also believe he’s correct about everything else he’s ever said. I’ve presented a logical, well-thought out explanation for why it is pointless to “debate” him on his own show, but here’s the tl;dr version for you: it’s pointless to debate a topic that we’ve both shared our opinions on in detail. Want to watch us debate? Watch my video, then watch his, and if you don’t understand our opinions, watch them both again. There is no need for either of us to clarify our positions, and neither of us will change the other’s mind.

        People not using their real names has nothing to do with your perceptions of me being scared, it’s separate. I’m pointing out that a coward is calling me a coward, that they’re behavior is extremely hypocritical.

      • Brayden Cross Says:

        I am not 100 percent sure who you are replying to but if you are replying to the anon that said “All I got from reading this was blah blah scared blah blah money blah blah weak sauce excuse.”
        That anon never even called you scared. The word “scared” isn’t even used. He just said you made bad excuses for why you won’t debate TAA. Whether that statement is right or not that’s up for you to decide but don’t put words in his/her mouth that was never said.

      • I have to assume you wrote this for my attention. So, you got it. Hello. How are you? Well? Family’s ok? I say this, because it can’t be because you actually believed what you wrote, because if you do, you have a serious reading comprehension issue. “All I got from reading this was blah blah scared blah blah money blah blah weak sauce excuse.” Allow me to play the role of your grade 2 English teacher: what is the 10th word in the sentence within the quotation marks?

      • Maxcoseti Says:

        “This suggests I looked “scared” in the first place”
        No, I was just pointing out the non sequitorial nature of your response, you could have just said “and you mom smells like doo doo” and it would have made the same logical sense, but at least that would’ve been an earnest answer, no, calling someone a hypocrite is not an argument, it’s a non sequitur, besides you are wrong anyway, there are millions of reasons people don’t use their real names online other than “you are a coward”, so you are double wrong on that front.
        I also find it funny that I called you out on your poor rhetoric and you automatically labeled me an “amazing atheist fanboy” and that “I agree with everything he’s ever said” (I’m surprised you didn’t call me a rape apologist also), almost as if if you were trying to reinforce my point.
        I said it in my original comment and I say it again, when I watched the DP episode that featured you, I though your points may have been somewhat misconstrued and that you could have had a valid point in there, but now judging by the OP and the quality of your discourse and rhetoric you have proven me wrong, thanks.

      • Actually, I said “if” you are a fanboy. I never said you were.
        My points were misconstrued by them? I don’t even recall any part where they refuted my points in the first place, most of it was just “oh that’s stupid”. And you talk about “discourse” like you actually ever approached me with any level of respect, or with a thoughtful rebuttal or argument of my original piece of work. You make it seem like you said “excuse me, but I’d like to ask you your thoughts regarding…” and I said “go fuck yourself”. You started out either by calling me scared, trying to goad me into a fight like this is some grade 4 playground nonsense (if you were the first anon), or by defending the original anon post by also trying to pick a fight that wasn’t yours to begin with (also more grade 4 playground nonsense). It’s the equivalent of slapping someone in the back of the head, and when they turn around to punch you, accusing them of being the attacker. You deserve no further replies, so believe whatever you wish to believe. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

      • Maxcoseti Says:

        Oh, I’m sorry, you said “if”, and not in a weasel word form at all *sigh*
        You are missing the point, I never talked about respect, I never expected respect, just coherence, but I guess that’s too much to ask, and no, I wasn’t trying to pick a fight, just pointing out how dumb your reply was (and it wasn’t the only anon you’ve used it with, I just happened to reply on this thread).
        Best wishes (sincere best wishes, not sarcastic ones)

  35. Brayden Cross Says:

    Ah, I see I must of made a mistake. Sorry for accusing of putting words into words into his/her mouth.

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