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A Dose of Buckley #51 – Gay Marriage (David Tyree)

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I don’t really watch Football, so I was very unsurprised when I hadn’t heard of David Tyree before today. David Tyree played for the New York Giants, and won a Super Bowl with some catch that made CNN refer to him as a “hero”. Now, I’ll save the “how is someone a hero when all they do is play a stupid game?” rant for another day, because today, I’m ranting about David Tyree’s recent denouncement of gay marriage, saying that it will cause anarchy. As always, it’s good to see that religious people aren’t blowing things out of proportion… check out the rant below:

The G20 Aftermath: “Anarchist” is just another word for “Coward”

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So, as expected, the G20 Summit protests turned into a complete farce. So-called “peaceful protests” turned violent, and of course the jobless hippies who were arrested will no doubt claim we live in a “police state”, as they made themselves martyrs to their nonsense cause (which they are completely clueless about). And before I even hear ONE alternate viewpoint from the great unwashed… have you seen the pictures?

Taken from the Toronto Star… masked “anarchists”, too cowardly to show their faces, destroy a cop car. Yeah, that’ll show the governments of the world! You really taught them a lesson on world economics, by wrecking a cop car.

And here, we see another coward, a woman apparently (I couldn’t tell, you seen the clothes that so-called “men” wear these days? could very well have been a man in those tights), destroying the window of what was reported to be a Winners. Again, how is that protesting world economics? You’re just breaking a window because you can get away with it.

Would any of these losers attempt this type of vandalism if there weren’t a million people in a tightly condensed area, distracting the police? No, of course they wouldn’t. “Anarchists” are pathetic cowards, dregs of society that should be put down. The way I see it, for every window they broke, that should be a broken bone administered by a police baton. Every car set on fire should have been matched with the burned body of an “anarchist”. But the police did their jobs according to our civilized laws, they used rubber bullets when they should have used hollow-points, and unfortunately didn’t arrest every single one of them to be tried for their crimes.

Look at this joke of a human. Barely a man, surrounded by other pathetic human garbage, including that thing on the left that looks like his favourite past-time includes used needles. You think ANY of these people would survive if it were true anarchy? They wouldn’t, not even for a minute. Organized crime would take over and use every single one of these losers as snot-rags before tossing them in the nearest dumpster, none of them man enough to really fight back. They’d be dead within weeks. The irony is that the very society they protest is what keeps them alive and gives them the rights and freedoms to do what they’re doing. Anarchy will never work. People in general, as shown by displays like this, are far too stupid to govern themselves.