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A Dose of Buckley #52 – Buckley vs Women

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If you can believe this, some people think I have a problem with women… I know, crazy right?! Well, though I make some comments that are all in good fun in my videos and on this website, anyone who actually knows me will tell you that I’m one of the classiest sons of bitches you’ll ever meet, but being nice to women isn’t funny… who ever heard a joke that starts with “so, I went and got flowers for a girl the other day” and ends with “and she enjoyed them so much that she put them in a vase right away”, and thought it was funny? No one, that’s who.

Anyway, what issues I may have with the so-called “fairer sex” could possibly be narrowed down to the behaviour of some females that I do not approve of. And since Buckley’s recently single and even more bitter than ever before, here’s a video about why some girls piss me off.

Rock 92.9 Presents “What’s Up!”

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This week’s supplement is inspired by Event Calendars that you see/hear on local TV/radio. You know, they’re a minute or two long, and go through a list of local charity events, concerts, stage shows, etc. And they’re generally not that interesting. So, I decided to do one for a fictional radio station, “Rock 92.9”. Except… it’s maybe a little too honest about the events being promoted. Check it out if you enjoy a good joke about the elderly, the upper class pretending they’re such do-gooders, domestic violence, school violence… basically anything that could offend you, it’s all compact into this 2 minute video:

Rock 92.9 Presents “What’s Up”

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