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A Dose of Buckley 32 – Buckley vs Protest

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Dose #2 this week: two local activists were arrested for putting up posters that promoted protesting the G20 summit. Sure it’s a waste of police resources to be arresting hippies when there are rapists and meth cooks walking free, but I still enjoy seeing them arrested, especially when one of them is Darius Mirshahi, member (I think president, but I MAY be wrong on that, certainly the most recognizable member if he’s not president) of Fanshawe College’s “Social Justice Club”. And people wonder why I often take shots at the reputation of the place I received TWO Diplomas from, when they continue to allow people like this to represent their school (even if indirectly, the guy is paid to write an article for the student paper and is still allowed to set up a booth in the building to sell his propaganda, so he’s representing them). Yeah, I’M the asshole when I make jokes about a community college not being the same standard as Yale or Harvard, but it’s alright for this greasy hypocrite to hang out there all the time (when he’s not in jail).

Anyway, I’ve never been a fan of protest in general. Don’t like the country/system we live in? There’s something like 194 other ones you could move to. In this Dose, I discuss my dislike for both Darius and protesting, and… use the word LOVE?! What could invoke such a feeling? Listen to find out.

A Dose of Buckley 32 – Buckley vs Protest Uncensored (CLICK TO LISTEN – 3 minutes, 33 seconds)