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Companion to A Dose of Buckley 20 – iPad

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With my audio update today about the iPad, I thought I’d also share with you a little comparison on how your money could be better spent: a $499 Laptop from Tiger Direct vs the $499 Apple iPad. Enjoy.

HP Compaq Presario CQ61-320CA Notebook PC ($499) Apple iPad 16GB ($499)
Touch Screen? No Yes
HDD Space? 250GB 16GB
WiFi enabled? Yes Yes
Screen Size? 15.6" 10"
Operating System? Windows 7 Home Premium iPhone OS
Plays MP3s? Yes (and many other audio
Yes (only iTunes encoded
Plays videos? Yes (many formats with all
the codecs you can install)
Yes (only whatever format
Apple allows)
Plays games? Yes (actual PC games
too... not amazing ones but whatever)
Yes (only cheapo
flash-quality games from iTunes)
Read books on it? Sure, why not? PDFs, buy
them from Amazon's store, etc
Yes (if you buy them from
the iBook store only)
Has a proper keyboard? Yeppers Not even close
Video output? An extra VGA port for
awesome dual display action
No, everyone will have to
huddle around you
DVD Burner? Of course Of course not
Way to prevent screen from
getting all scratched?
Yeah, it's called a lid Not unless you buy some
expensive case for it

Winner: The HP Compaq Presario CQ61-320CA Notebook PC, hands down. Not even close.