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A Dose of Buckley #52 – Buckley vs Women

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If you can believe this, some people think I have a problem with women… I know, crazy right?! Well, though I make some comments that are all in good fun in my videos and on this website, anyone who actually knows me will tell you that I’m one of the classiest sons of bitches you’ll ever meet, but being nice to women isn’t funny… who ever heard a joke that starts with “so, I went and got flowers for a girl the other day” and ends with “and she enjoyed them so much that she put them in a vase right away”, and thought it was funny? No one, that’s who.

Anyway, what issues I may have with the so-called “fairer sex” could possibly be narrowed down to the behaviour of some females that I do not approve of. And since Buckley’s recently single and even more bitter than ever before, here’s a video about why some girls piss me off.

The Ten Worst Songs of 2010

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It’s all explained in the video, but here’s the short form: I work as a DJ for an awesome company that broadcasts all over North America, I hear a lot of good songs and I hear a LOT of crappy songs. Here’s my top 10 list of the worst songs of 2010. Enjoy.

Warning: this video is uncensored (both the song examples and me). Should be expected if you’ve been here before, but if this gets more than 4 hits, chances are you’ve never been here (I’m kidding, sometimes I get 6 hits).

A Dose of Buckley 21 – Kesha

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Update #3 of 3 in my OVERDOSE OF BUCKLEY series:

So, Kesha (or Ke$ha, if you must…) recently did a photoshoot and interview for Maxim Magazine. It’s probably one of the worst celebrity photoshoots I’ve ever seen. Google Image search it, it’s awful, it’s like looking at a trainwreck that they got tired of cleaning up with airbrushing and Photoshop. If there’s one redeeming quality though: it gave me an excuse to rip on Ke$ha even more than in my new years update. Oh and one other redeeming quality: It shows prostitutes and bar skanks who just give it away for free that they too could become a pop singer.

A Dose of Buckley 21 – Kesha Uncensored (CLICK TO LISTEN – 2 minutes, 18 seconds)