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How NOT to Get a Job in Radio – #2

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Most people who will read this know the story by now, but for those who are checking out my work for the first time, here’s the abridged version: Milkman Unlimited, Canada’s top resource for the radio industry, allows visitors to post a short blurb advertising themselves as available to work in the radio broadcast business. A lot of them are good, but some of them are absolutely terrible. So, I get the idea to create a presentation using the terrible ads as examples. “How NOT to Get a Job in Radio” was born.

After links to the original video were posted on Milkman’s website, the RadioWest message board, and all over Facebook, I started getting e-mails asking when I’d make another one. So, here it is – another video explaining the things to avoid when presenting yourself to a potential new employer. This is “How NOT to Get a Job in Radio Part 2”

How NOT to Get a Job in the Radio Broadcasting Industry (Part 2)

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So, my recent supplement, “How Not to Get a Job in the Radio Broadcasting Industry“, has received a little bit of national industry coverage: It made the main page of the very site who’s users I was making fun of, Milkman Unlimited.

If you visited the site recently and the link in my previous post was broken, I’ve fixed it. Here’s the story:

First, if you haven’t watched the video yet, watch it. The Coles/Cliff Notes version: I make fun of people who are looking for work on Canadian Radio’s biggest employment and industry news website because their spelling, grammar, and overall presentation is absolutely atrocious.

I sent a link to my video to John Mielke (Milky) of Milkman Unlimited thinking it could go one of two ways: He’d hate it, be pissed off because I’m making a mockery of his site and those who use it… or enjoy a good laugh along with me, because he probably just shakes his head at the awful submissions he gets. I’ve never met him, or had any prior correspondence with him, so… no clue what the outcome would be.

I got my answer in about 2 hours: He fucking LOVED it! For the sake of his website, which is very professionally done, I won’t directly quote his first couple sentences, but he used some words in his e-mail that I’m clearly a huge fan of in my writing and presenting. He even thanked me for essentially hammering home a point he’s been trying to make for years on his site.

I let him know that I really wasn’t looking for any publicity, just wanted to send it to him to see what he thought, but that he had permission to post it if he felt like it. His response to that: “You bet this’ll be on Tuned In (Note: the section where he posts industry news and information) a little later today”.

About 40 views later, he sends me another e-mail. I made a mistake… apparently I’m still human after all. Anyway, one of the frames, I used the unedited frame where the guy’s name/picture/e-mail address wasn’t blurred out. Oops. So, I fixed it. except YouTube is a piece of shit, and won’t let you upload a new video over top of another one in order to save views, comments, and the URL. So, I made the correction, re-uploaded the video, and sent him the new link. So as of writing this, according to the stats on my YouTube page, there’s been 160 views of the repaired video, and there were 40 views of the original video, making 200 views in about 8 hours. Not bad, not exactly blowing up by any means BUT there’s only so many people in the Canadian radio broadcasting industry (and less every day as stations continue to make cut backs). And hell, I’m not greedy, I already entertain a couple hundred thousand people a week at my other job, do I really need to also dominate YouTube? Maybe I do… but I don’t think this’ll be the update to make that happen. I’ve only had a web presence for less than 3 months, I’ve still got a lot more updates to come.

UPDATE: As of about 2:15am on February 6th, including the 40+ I had on the original video that I had to delete, I’ve reached 500 views! Again, not explosive, but I’ll take it!