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A Dose of Buckley #53 – Rap-Dances

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What can I say, maybe I’m getting soft in my old-age, as I approach the big 3-0 mark, but once in a while I do a rant for the fans. Not to say I don’t hate rap-dances, I absolutely do, but there are other topics I’d probably like to talk about first… however, the small cult following I’ve gained over the last little while has been wanting me to talk about some of these songs and the absolutely ridiculous dances that go along with them for some time, so consider this a nice gesture for the fans who’ve patiently waited as I’ve talked about Canadian Politics, the Canadian Postal service, Mark Zuckerberg, etc… all along wondering “when the hell is he going to just make fun of music again, we only subscribed because of your list of worst songs of 2010, that’s what we want to hear more about!” So here… don’t say I never did anything for you. Click the video below and enjoy.

The Ten Worst Songs of 2010

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It’s all explained in the video, but here’s the short form: I work as a DJ for an awesome company that broadcasts all over North America, I hear a lot of good songs and I hear a LOT of crappy songs. Here’s my top 10 list of the worst songs of 2010. Enjoy.

Warning: this video is uncensored (both the song examples and me). Should be expected if you’ve been here before, but if this gets more than 4 hits, chances are you’ve never been here (I’m kidding, sometimes I get 6 hits).