A Dose of Buckley 39 – GameCrush

Video games and girls… man has been trying to figure out a way to combine these two things since he first picked up a controller. And even though one website has succeeded, I have to ask… couldn’t they have done a better job? Buckley takes on GameCrush.com in this week’s A Dose of Buckley.

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3 Responses to “A Dose of Buckley 39 – GameCrush”

  1. Your missing the point entirely – GameCrush girls are not paid cam girls. They are real gamers who know how to game. And there are quite a few hot girls on the site, even some of the ones in your little video loop are hot. And more importantly they know their shit when it comes to gaming. So what gives? Did you even try to talk with one of the girls on the site? Maybe you would have seen they are actually pretty fun to get to know and if you tried a game with one or two you would see it’s not just about the money. Sure you pay a little, but it’s not a sex site which charges $3 a minute to talk to some Russian chick who can barely speak English. Anyway, your rant is just like all the rest of the copycat bloggers. Yawn.

    • YOU are missing the point entirely.
      1) They ARE paid cam girls. You pay them and talk to them via webcam, and there’s the zone that all but guarantees dirty talk and nudity for “tips” or lengthy sessions. If you “pay” a “girl” to be on “cam”, they are a “paid cam girl”.
      2) To each their own I suppose. If you think some of those girls are hot, then hopefully they’ll make a few bucks off you.
      3) They’re not selling their “personalities”, it’s called “GameCrush”, “Crush” being that you’ll have a crush on these girls because they’re a) hot and b) willing to play a video game with you. If a) isn’t fulfilled, then why would I pay for this? The developers of this site mentioned in an interview that it’s “the same as buying a drink for a girl at a bar”. Why do you do that? Because they’re hot (probably a little out of your league) and you want their attention. You don’t buy average/ugly girls a drink at the bar, you just go talk to them because you know they’ll talk to you (and if they won’t, you just move on).
      4) No, it’s not $3 a minute to talk to some Russian chick who barely speaks English, it’s $36 an hour to have a girl play Call of Duty with you for a bit and then after, hopefully get her to show you her tits.
      5) I have never read a blog about GameCrush (I rarely read other people’s “blogs”), so I have not plagiarized anyone if that’s what your accusation is.
      6) “Yawn”? You spent 3 minutes watching my video (at least, that assumes you only watched it once), which evoked enough emotion for you to spend even more time responding to it. So… no, I don’t think it did bore you enough. If you were bored by it, you would have watched about 30 seconds of it, clicked away and went back to watching a cat crawl on a baby or some other nonsense that passes for humor on the internet these days.

      • All points well taken – and I appreciate the reply. But to point #3 I look at it this way, I can spend hours and hours playing random 15 year old kids on Xbox Live and never talk to a chick or I can jump on GameCrush and chat up a few girls for free, and if I feel like it’s worth it pay a few bucks for a game. Most of the girls actually don’t care that much about the per minute thing and after I have made the connection I have continued to play for free. Find a ‘Cam’ girl who will do that!

        I am actually glad to see an option like this which is not focused on just sex. I don’t feel strange at all meeting the girls (and guys if I wanted) that are on the site. And I also don’t think that ‘hot’ needs to be just big tits and a tight ass. I like meeting girls who are real, have a real personality and actually represent who they are. You will find all this on Gamecrush and NOT on a cam site.

        Maybe it’s not for everyone – and yea, I probably won’t meet my next girlfriend on the site, but it’s a fun place to hang out and meet other gamers.

        and to point number 6 on your list – you are entertaining and that’s why I tuned in. I just feel like you could have given the site a bit more of a shake down before blasting it, but that’s your shtick and I get it.

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